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This is a list of my more relevant posts, I tried to keep them as organized as I could but you can always use the search this site tool on the right hand side if you are looking for something.

Never forget
Click here for the Names of the ones
we lost.

Just for fun -  Prepper Images Click Here a growing collection of funny meme's and pic's

First Aid and Medicine

Growing list of uses for herbs and weeds Click Here 
Dang Ticks

Make the Pain Stop !

Radioactive fall out can you survive PT1

Radioactive fall out can you survive PT2

Harvesting Pine Pollen

PTSD in a SHTF situation

Many ways to stop bleeding like a prepper 

Over the Counter and Prescription meds

 Herbal First Aid part 1

 Homemade Medical uses for Herbs (Fungal, fungus) Foot Care 

Homemade Herbal Bug spray

Herbs to help treat basic symptoms of asthma

 I am Sick (the need for penicillin) 

 Herbs that fight infection

Goldenrod and it's uses

 A little potty talk

Frostbite - How to prevent and heal it

 Herbal remedy book PDF

 Home Remedies for Eye care (including pink eye and stye's)

Minor burn treatment (home remedy) 

Depression and sad time herbs

 New Evidence on Expiration Dates 

Water Filter DYI

Homemade Water Filters

Homemade Sea water Filters

Useful How to's

 A few PVC Pipe How to's

Tree and Bush Rooting Time

Prepper How To's you may not know

Uses for Mylar Blankets

Things you can make with cattails

Do you have a prepper mindset? 

Recharge your activated charcoal

 Prepper uses for Wire Coat Hangers

Open pit forges for melting aluminum foil and soda cans

 How to Fish and Crab with what you have

How to make fabric dye with nature

 How to make Vodka and it's uses

  How to make yeast with berries

 How to make a battery 

 Rain survival and fire starting

 How to's - forging, hot wiring and pinhole glasses

 How to dig a well

How to make lye and what is is for

How to make clay from soil in your yard

 Altervative herbs for smoking 

 How to grow and care for a coffee tree

 How to melt plastic

How to make a dollar store security system 

 Winter heating options

Solar Ice Maker 

 Make Colloidal Silver With The Grid Down

Ideas for the kitchen and food 

 Bugs you can Eat

To Eat or Not to Eat, that is the Question.
Simple Smoking Pit

Booze with just Apples.

Is expired food dangerous?  

Plants with High Protein  

Alternative Kitchen

Foraging for food

Homemade MRE's ideas

 More Homemade MRE's

even more MRE ideas

 Homemade grain mill ideas

  How to dry and grind corn

Spices worth more than gold?

Sprout dry beans and more uses

 Soup Time MRE's

Grow your own sugar

City Squirrels the meat you can eat? 

 50 Backyard Beekeeping Resources for Beginners

Emergency Kits 

8 ways to keep your phone charged in a power outage  
To go bag (bug Out)

Basic needed tools Kit

Coffee Can Kit

Survival Purse/Cosmetic Bag  

Security thangs

 Pistol Crossbow

How to make a blowgun

Get a 2 way radios GET ONE

 FORTIFY your home security for under $5

 Disappering in a Crowd


Cheap Prepping stuff

 Thrift store and yard sales

 Cheap deals on amazon

 Prepper Couponing


 Other stuff

 A Few Prepper Apps You Should Have

Got Seeds??

Paracord not just for Dude's (But I did include some dude ideas)

Redneck Engineering?

My electric scooter and car jump starter?  and how to convert to solar

Cigarettes: Deadly Habit or Survival Tool?

  List of Smoke-able Herbs

Uncommon things for your shtf Stockpile 
Bamboo and all it's uses
It is happening - Last minute preps 

Ideas on keeping morale up

How to build a plastic safe room

Fusion Center's (Truth or Fiction)

Pine Sap and it's uses Inflation in Food

Prepping Vs Hoarding

Baby steps to a Prepper Community 

Activated charcoal uses. A must carry

Economic Collapse Timeline

Smoking allowed

Hemp - Preppers survival plant  (list of uses)  

 How To Prepare Your Car To Handle An EMP And Why You Shouldn’t Bother

 A Preparedness Use for Old Hard Drives. Expand Your Digital Library & Resources!

Could the Survival Bike be your Bug Out Vehicle of Choice?

Americans are Broke and Unprepared 

 12 Survival Lessons from Ukraine

 Surviving Open Waters in a Bug-Out Boat

Battery Storage – The Weak Link in Successful Renewable Energy Integration

Duel Citizenship 

EMP, EMF and Energy Alternatives

Emp/Emf Info

Basic Power Inverter Info.

Windmill cheap and easy

 Earth battery -some basics

Get Ready for no power

How to make a solar heater 

Hydroelectric Generator made in a 5 gallon bucket

Basic Videos

Basic Garden Videos

General Survival Videos

Song for this will be Communication Breakdown - Led Zeppelin because after all this is a site map and it is still confusing..


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