Oct 26, 2012

Winter heating options


It is that time of year were we all start thinking about heat.  Heat, if the power goes out. Heat, if the cost sky rockets (not that it is not already).  This is a major issue! A life issue in some parts.   You can have a simple propane heater that can be used as a temporary fix. Propane can run out. Just as with generators. Gas can run out. Installing a fireplace or wood stove is another fix. All can be costly to do with fees and zoning ect. So we all put it off and hope this will never be an issue.

Having a plan for the unknown is a part of prepping. These are some ideas that can get heat up and running in your home if you are in dire straights.

The Rocket Stove Mass Heater

This is the best site I have found so far with info on how to build it. Click Here.

Here are some photo's of folks building one. It looks like a lot of work. But if times are hard I can bet this will be a life saver to know.  Click Here 

BUT....here is an example of how a make shift one is (see Pic below) ....for emergency's. Not as pretty as the others but it does show how simple it can be.  And what kind of supply's you may want laying around for a just in case situation.

ok I personally think this one is my solution. But I want to add 3 videos...only take a few min. to watch.

This is just a great step by step video in fast time of how to make in a contained area.


This is cool , made from coffee cans....a mini heater! No info on how to do it. I looked for it. But with the above info and this. I am sure your creative juices are flowing! 


Then he tweeted the idea a bit here. 

Now on to the next one.

Masonry heater/ stoves

Now this is kind of the same idea...but a lot more complicated.

 File:Ceramic covered Masonry heaters.jpg

Masonry stoves are heating stoves developed in medieval Europe, or even earlier. Some sources are mentioning some kind of similar Roman stoves.
It is a wood burning stove with high efficiency and high thermal mass. Because of that mass it can accumulate heat in the fireplace and the result is a great efficiency because most of the wood gases are burnt. It is an efficient ecological alternative to ordinary wood burning stoves.

 How to make a Masonry Heater pdf  Click Here  

 and here is a blog dedicated to it...the pic's are helpful scroll to the very bottom and read up.  Click Here


 Solar cans Solar Air Heat

Now I know people look at this and think it is cheesy and will never work. I have seen it and it does totally work! Some kids camping on our green over the winter built it and it heated a large tent area. I also spoke with a kid who's parents have the original CLICK HERE set up in every window of thier house that gets sun. He said they very rarely use the heat now.

 This is an easy easy easy one to make. I am doing this one for my winter green house.


  But it this does interest you go to this site they have 4 designs to mix and match, I like the laundy pipe painted black. Click Here

And I have a few other ideas at this page Click Here

A great song for this post has to be about what you don't want to do...... Talking Heads-Burning Down the House  


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