List of Real Time Maps


First let me ask you something. Do you have a pocket atlas in your Bug out bag??

If technology goes you are not going to be able to Google your location. Make sure you have a pocket road atlas I got this one cuz it was cheap and decent quality North America Pocket Road Atlas. If your lucky the dollar store might have one. But the book store all wanted to much in my mind,  this one is fine.

I would also go to Google now and print out street maps to your bug out location just in case you have to take a different route. Everyone in my family has  these maps to each of our bug out locations in there glove boxes in a zip lock bag, ( I say each because you should have several just in case you can or a family member can not make it to the preferred one and knowing all the side roads will help.

But onto the real time maps for the here and now. 

Natural Disaster Maps

Map of real time disasters Click Here

Another disaster map  (more info on this one) Click Here

Hurricanes and Tropical Storms Click Here

Earthquake Click Here

Volcanoes Click Here

Lighting Map Click Here 

National Fire map Click Here  (this is Google earth so you need to have it on your computer to view current events)

Man Made disasters

Nuclear map Click Here

 Poisoned Places Click Here

Pandemic Maps

Out break map Click Here

Another out breaks map Viral and bacterial  Click Here

Flu map Click Here

Ebola map Click Here

Live "possible"  Ebola,  map  Click Here
click on the globe in the upper right to get the full map


Real time map shows china and US Cyber-Attack Origins List  Click Here 

Tulia's real estate map...yes...why Click Here to see the options Crime, Hazards in all areas of the US this is a useful map.

Fema concentration camps Click Here

UFO's cuz ya never know Click Here

World Sunlight map (just because it is kinda cool) Click Here

View of earth from the space station. Click Here

Map of Prepper groups around the USA

Song for this post has to be   Tears For Fears - Everybody Wants To Rule The World


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