May 22, 2012

EMP, EMF I don't have room for a faraday cage...WTF


Some say our nuke plants, some say the bad guys (like the nuke that N. Korea just tested). The list goes on. If you have seen the Matrix you have seen that  EMF's are not so good for your tech stuff and electronics. But what we care about is.... how to protect my crap from this.(well first if it is nukes we care about actually living though that above all!) What ever your theory is......


If you goggled this then you most like have a clue what it is, and are just looking for some ideas.

First some blah blah blah stuff from my mind....
Many things I have come across (including NASA's own research) that in 2013 the sun is going to have a bunch of solar flares happening. No real biggy. But a few years back one of these flares did take the grid out in Canada for some time. And the 2013 are suppose to be bigger....and the power outage can be far bigger.  So the concern is with the grid down production and transportation of goods will be close to halted and we can be a year or two with out modern conveniences till it is fixed and caught up. Not End of days, but a real pain in the ass! And worth having stockpile in place to make it though.  
Now remember this is something many scientists agree with. And your conspiracy sites have many things sighting a cover up ect. There is no cover up nasa posts it right on there site. And they even have some great preparedness videos.

Ok now for the basics on cheap easy faraday cages.  

CHEAP  that is what I am! And as a city dweller in a townhouse that leaves little room for a real cage!I mean unless your into that stuff (j/k).
Here are some of my finds from searching and chatting.  I think you can utilize a little of each to fit your needs. And even get creative with them. 

 Easy:  wrap your computer ect. in a towel, blanket  make sure is is wrap completely in the mesh and wala! Instant Faraday cage.
Even better if you have some basic sewing skills you can make little pouches for your stuff. You can find ready made ones online.

I have also been told by a few preppers that they have lined their garages with this to protect their cars. Remember an EMP will disable all cars. Pre 1980's will be in high demand if this happens. 

Simple cheap but the tv will not fit. Best to post a video on this one.  

You can even stick stuff in the microwave on da fly if you are in a jam... it will protect your gadgets! Filing cabinets are another idea just line them the same way you do the garbage can. And the cabinets will not look so bad in the house. 
Ever wonder why preppers get so excited when there is a deal on foil! Their are actually many reasons, but this is one of the reasons. This video shows that this is a viable Faraday cage idea. I have seen videos of cardboard boxes covered GOOD in it that work fine to. You can keep a roll in your trunk with some plastic bags for emergency. The possibilitys are endless.And protecting that TV can definitely happen with this option. (remember a solar bust my disable electricity but not forever so not having to buy new crap would be great)
I know I missed a bunch of stuff and when it comes to mind I will swing back to this post and update it. That is what is so great about blogs you can edit!
Gonna end this one with a song....not shock the technology and gadgets but Shock the Monkey! 

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  1. Garbage cans, ammo cans, even metal toolboxes all make great Faraday cages. Simply add heavy grade garbage bags (2-3 Mil), or rubbermaid/tupperware tubs inside.
    Aluminum or mylar foil is very fragile, however:
    My kids destroy the lids on 5-gallon tubs, so I have the option of lining one tub with aluminum (yes, I know: expensive, but easy) then setting another inside that.
    ALSO: If you purchase electronics, all of those come in anti-static bags, good for smaller electronics, like little scanners, walky-talky handhelds, or weather radios.