May 23, 2012

 Foraging in the freak’n city? Ya for what rats?

Ok ya, you are a bit out of luck if we are talking NYC and giant cities, but your every day city has its surprises when it comes to foraging. Along the road and backs of yards, parks and empty lots is food that has nutritional value. These free finds can stretch a stockpile out if need be.
Also consider that you may have to leave town without your stockpile …then what? You should make the effort to have the basics down.

One thing I did learn is only over the past few decades many things that people use to eat became non edible or a weed because they were not profitable to grow for the masses. Many of the "weeds" that grow in my city are just perennial vegetables from other country's. I have a guy from Greece that comes to the wooded area across the street from my house and picks several of the weeds. He said never pick more than 10% so that they can procreate. He said restaurants use them in cooking and salads were he is from. So weeds got a bad rap!  Imagine all the people we could of feed if we did not cut them all down every week.

The only issue is each part of the country has different wild edibles. 
I learned my locals and while doing that did learn some others. Just a basic crash course, one might say. And I did do some cut and pastes of info and pic’s of the ones in my area because it can be a deadly or at the least painful mistake if you eat the wrong stuff.

I have my one favorite web site that has PDF printables of the plants you want to save for your binders and notes  Click here for Plants for a future website. They have info on 7000 plants; edible and medicinal.

Many prepper’s keep a binder or lockbox’s with important info ect. In it I find some basic foraging info is something to consider having.  You can even print a smaller list to keep in your 2 go bags (which I will address in another post)

This is just an example of my sloppy yet useful list to give you an idea. I made sure to have pic's and as much info as I can and how to process them. And any warnings. I think I also have some solar ideas attached to the bottom. again this was made for my use in my binder but just wanted to share so you can get some ideas.

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