Feb 28, 2015

Where will you get sugar?

One thing I do know is sugar stock can and will run out if a tragic event happens.  To have alternatives to one of the most useful and traded preps will be a a benefit.  You not only need sugar for comfort foods but for canning and even making moonshine (which can be used as fuel) and as moonshine. What I do know is sugar is one of life's musts.....

So I am just going to do a quick post on things that can substitute sugar. 

Sugar can come from so many different places.  If you live in a warmer climate you can grow sugar cane.  But a lot of us do not live in areas that it can be grown. These are some other options.

  •   Next up would have to be Maize. You boil down the GREEN Maize stalks and BAM sugar...or as we know it corn syrup.   It is a thin syrup.

  • I then would look at getting a  Sugar Beet garden up and going.  Click Here
  • A close second to this is sugar beets is  Pumpkin sugar which is made the same way as the sugar beat sugar.  
  • Then we have all kinds of tree saps to tap into. Some are very sweet like maple and birch. 

  • Milkweed makes a decent brown sugar can be made by boiling down the flowers heads.  Click here to learn more about the milkweed plant. 
  • Dates, raisins dried fruit can add a sweet kick to many things to. They can be dried and powdered to make a sugar replacement. They can also  be made into jams and syrups as well.
  • Look at watermelon an easy crop to grow...and it's juice can be boiled down to a sugar. You can do this with other fruits to.
  • Last but not least we have barley malt syrup which is made from germinated barley grains. Brown rice also produces a malt syrup. More or less you boil down the water that the barley or rice have been cooking in for several hours.  FACT: There is .7 grams of sugar in one cup of rice.  Barley is much sweet and more tastier than rice. 

Song for this post has to be a classic  I Want a Little Sugar in My Bowl -  Nina Simone

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