Feb 13, 2015

Fantastic Friday - Cigarettes: Deadly Habit or Survival Tool?

Every Friday I will be sharing a post that I came across on my journey's for the week.
One's that impress me with  information, ideas, or just a great read. 

This weeks has to be this post is by Survival Life
I just got a kick out of it! 


 Contrary to popular belief, smoking does have benefits. Well, at least cigarettes do. In fact, you may be surprised at the many survival uses for cigarettes.
I’m not encouraging anyone to take up smoking (although I have to admit the government regulations about smoking in public have become ridiculous.) In a survival situation you want to be in top shape, and smoking definitely won’t help you achieve that. Besides, you will eventually run out, and the last thing you want when SHTF is to have to deal with nicotine withdrawals.

Song for this post has to be  Cigarettes & Chocolate Milk -Rufus Wainwright  (love this song!)

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