Feb 18, 2015

Prepper Uses for Wire Coat Hangers

I came across this meme and it made me think what other things can you do with these wonderful wire hangers.

In my life  I can remember using them for

  • To hold my first cars muffler up
  • Unlock that car door after locking the keys in it
  • I still use it to clean clogged drains
  • TP hanger in my privy tent for camping. 
  • Bubble wand (still do because I love bubbles)


But what other things can you do with them...

 You can make a monkey fist Click Here to see how

 4 Prong Spear

I left the tent stacks home once and we were able to make them out of a few dry cleaning hangers in my friends trunk. 

Fishing hooks....just sharpen the end on a stone. If you want to take a little more time you can get a bit of a barb to the hook.

Dry your herbs

Dowsing rods Click Here for how to

You may need an antenna to boost your range on radios and (free digital TV)

Blow gun darts!! Click Here

With a little patients and a hammer and a small nail you can make needles.

Use them as filling rods in welding

No kill mouse trap Click Here

Emergency clamp for car hoses.

Make hooks for smoking meat.

Make a mini portable grill

make a tool to cook over a campfire

Make a frame to hang a bottle for a planter or a make shift water filter

Kilt pin, great for caring or organizing small gear. and can be used as a safety pin, you can make these bigger or smaller. I have actually done this when the button fell off my dress pants. Worked like a charm

Song for this post will be Rogue Wave, Bird On A Wire

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