Mar 18, 2015

Paracord not just for Dude's (But I did include some dude ideas)

DUDE's Scroll down I did not forget you

Ok so here is my beef with paracord...the stuff you can make with it is such DUDE stuff. So I am always on the look out for things that I can make so I always have some on me. Right now I just have a bracelet on all my handbags.

But then I saw this bag...and I love it. And it dawned on me....

 macrame or crochet 
How did I not relize anything you can make with macrme or crochet can be done with paracord!!!
So here are a bunch of different kinds of how to's on crocheting purses Click Here

but here is where I found this one Click Here

If you hunt you can find some cute things that can be made with paracord by useing the crochet and macrame method.

You can make matching tassels to hang from you purse 

Replace the drawstring on things with paracord

love these for my summer festivals!


And how cute are these flip flops!
  Click Here for the how to

You can make these for the kids and teach them what they can do with paracord Click here 
 or you can make them for your key chain.

But while on my hunt for girly paracord ideas I did come across
 some survival ideas
so here are a few of those.

Shoes laces

Tripod Lashing for a Teepees Click Here


Click here on how to make a paracord ladder

 Click Here for how to make a paracord dog collar

Click here on how to make a net with paracord

Shoe grips for slippery areas


Click Here for how to make paracord headset 

 Click here to learn to make a paracord hat band

 Click here to learn to make a rock sling

how to make a paracord bull whip Click here

Click Here to see how to make a parcord water bottle holder

Click Here to see how to make a flashlight handle 

 You can make a loop handle for your knife

 paracord with a knife = spare

Click Here to learn to make a paracord snare trap

Click Here to learn to make a fishing lure

Click here to learn how to make an ice fishing tool


Paracord over an existing strap Click Here



  Song for this post is going to be  Rope - Foo Fighters





  1. First time seeing the lure, gonna try that next time I'm at the rive at my retreat.

  2. Hi, you are very talented. Could I pay you to wrap glass pendants and glass globes for a chandelier?