Mar 10, 2015

Herb of the Week- Garlic Mustard

I am setting this up on a separate blog that will eventually 
be an easy to use resource down the line.
So click the link below to see it uses and bookmark the blog for weekly installments.

I will be posting an herb of the week every Tuesday. I find it is easy to remember things like this when you get them in small doses.

 Garlic Mustard ( Alliaria petiolata)

 It is an invasive weed but the usda does classify's it as an herb. It is banned in my state (but it grows like crazy in the park near my house.
This erect European herb of open woodlands and disturbed soil has dark green, heart-shaped, scallop-edged, deeply veined, long-stalked basal leaves that grow up to 5" across.

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