Mar 14, 2015

Redneck Engineering?

Just for fun I had to do this post.

We all see the funny pictures and meme's of redneck fix's and reuse's.
I think it is just getting by with what you have. I have seen some pretty smart ideas in some of these photo's.

Again it is about thinking outside the prepper box.

You have to admit some of these are clever

who needs a boat

In need of some quick cash?

fix your sink

cool idea

Fix your bike

I actually like this one

no tire to be found, get creative

hey if you had to bug out this may make more room

 cooking of campfire in tin cans (good idea!)

or try a ladder

Don't have a ladder be creative

When you can't find the part to keep your car running in a shtf situation there are ways to keep it going

Wonder if it worked

I did this one many moons ago with aluminum tape and it past inspection.

hard times call for creative thinking

 Wheels for just about anything

even works on cars



flotation devices

I have pulled engines before and this is an innovative idea but I am surprised that it held it

Keeping your elderly mobile

This is just plain cool.

individual sausage cooker

mix cakes

this works on blenders to

cook bacon


broken jewelry 


how to get a car across the river (not redneck but cool ideas in hard times)

Song for this post has to be  High-Tech Redneck - George Jones

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  1. I guess I really am a redneck, 'cause mosta that looks like common sense, ta me.