Mar 4, 2015

Homemade Weapon Ideas

You maybe on the go, or get caught in a place were you need to think off the top of your make a weapon.

Could you do it?
Well seeing some homemade and make shift weapons will at least give you some ideas if that day ever came.
Right now I am sitting at my office desk looking at what is around me....I could use the following as a weapon right now

 the phone with wire

Take my sock off and put a can of soda in it and bam,  instant weapon (or a rock or any hard thing)

Or even a fork with the handle bent

take the blade off the office paper cutter

Even my pens and scissors.  Can be used

Now if you have a few moments you can get even more creative.

A weapon like this can be made with things laying around and could do some big damage.

Or even some homemade pepper spray that you can carry anywhere is a great idea

Simple one,  a few nails in a small piece of wood.

Any metal or even hard plastic item can be turned into a knife.

Hairspray,  wasp spray and a lighter

Pipes are every where...and make a dang good weapon

I have actually dug up tons of these in the garden, I live in an old railroad area of town...and came across this photo....with a longer string these could do some hurting, 

These are cool and actually kind of pretty,  so I thought I would share them. maybe attach a small chain to have it on your key ring. Click here for how to.

The top of a food can could be attached to a stick and make a great cutting weapon

You could make these using the foraging method in the lower video on this page...with Styrofoam and sand.

Song for this post is going to  be Neil Young - Down By The River 

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