Apr 15, 2015

Radioactive fallout can you survive?

This is a 1 of 2 part post....part 2 will be posted on Saturday. 
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This is such a Big Topic and I know that I may not have covered everything. But this is some basics.

First lets start off with this great tool. Click Here 
Enter your address at the tool,  this will give you an idea of how far will be effected. I entered the nuke plant in my state in to see how much time I would need to get ready...(see below for that info)  You have to zoom out to see the .25 and .1 psi damage range.

And here is a great PDF  Nuclear War Survival Skills   Click Here

Lets talk Nuclear weapons and plants.
So many of us live near plants or at the least have some concerns about bombs.  This is something I have yet to really address in my blog. But in this modern day there have been issues with nukes and at the least we should have some basics for this. Lets approach this as if you can not make it out of the blast zone.  You should have some kind of a plan in place. Also know,  if you are not in the zone even the passing radiation can effect you long term survival. So Protect yourself and family.

Ok so first some basics
Lets start with the range of a blast  in a 1 mile area the people in this area may not be so lucky. Then you have the people in a 5 mile area will have some damage done to them. From the 5 to 20 mile mark you will most likely see a mushroom cloud giving you a moment to get underground. From that point on you have a better chance of finding cover and surviving the wave. (check your map tool from above to see what I mean)

Fallout shelters
Ever notice those signs (fallout shelter signs)? Back in the 50's building were made to be fallout shelters....But have you seen any new buildings be labeled as one? .That is because back in the day Civil defense use to stock these shelter and they were in every community. Now they do not...many of those building have been knocked down. And close to all of them are not stocked anymore.

So what to do
Well first a fallout shelter is an enclosed place.. The word shelter does not me house, car it means underground with 3 feet of soil above the area.When thinking about were to shelter remember this....  you will need a place that will shield you from the blast wave.  It will also have to protect you from radioactive fallout. If you do not have a basement....(which if you do click here for a few ideas, you should have everything down there ready to put up in and instant. Mine is attached to the ceiling and ready to be rolled down and sealed With masks and supply at hand.)  If  you do not have a basement...look around where you live find a building that has a basement. and have a tubs of supply's to get to it. And a hammer to break glass if you have to to get in. If that is not an option find a room in your house that can be encased fast. With a table place near a bearing wall. Get under that table and yes I am going to say it..."duck and cover) 

What is the timeline of a blast? 
The news of a blast will be almost  moments after it happens...remember 9/11 it was on the TV almost instantly. The moment you see something like that and know you are in that State...take cover.  The news will tell you were to go...but you want to know long before that!And make sure you have a radio Click here I have 2 of these and some hand helds to go with them.

If you have a fallout shelter you will have enough time to get things secure. If you decide you want to get in your car and bolt, remember....fall out will be happening in a radius of 50 miles from ground zero by the first hour after the explosion. And can spread up to 500 miles ( which will take a half a day to happen) .  Remember the traffic jams that will be happening. These people will be exposed to fall out and it will be a possibly life threatening. If god forbid this is your only choice.....drive through yards....smash a few fences...do what ever you have to to get as far as you can. But reality is if you are caught 10 miles near the blast there is a good chance you will die not necessarily instantly but shortly after.   But if you do survive the blast you still have to be safe from fallout. If you are in a place you don't know or you are that close and have no time..... let that prepper mind guide you. You can make shift. find the safes place right there the bathroom, a closet. do your best to cover the doors and or windows. Shower curtain taped over the will.and door. wet towel over your mouth and nose. Blankets over you.  Something is better than nothing!!

How long till it is safe??
It is all a matter of how close you are. The blast will be the hardest part.
At the least you will need to stay sheltered for 4 days. The closer you are to where it went off, the higher the radioactive fallout levels will be and the long you will need to stay in place. This can be for several weeks! The better your shelter and stockpile the better chance you have. If you are not near you shelter....then think fast and remember all these factors as you run for cover!!! Grabbing what you can. 

Ya I have to do it!!! The song for this post is Imagine Dragons - Radioactive