Apr 11, 2015

The Big C

Ok this is to my regular readers. (i will be taking this message down in a day or two) Just wanted people to know I am still blogging just may stop for a few weeks.

I found out this week that I have Cancer. And will be going for surgery next week....because I waited 7 years before telling my doc about something.  I am down playing it because I know that I am a tough son of a gun. But I need to tell people if you have something bothering you for an extended period of time...do not blow it off. Have it checked.

I will be fine with a little surgery and treatment. Had my doctors laughing...they said they never get that kind of reaction when they tell people....well I truly think being positive is the best way to be in life. Laughter is the best medicine!

Ok sooooo any who....next week I may or may not be posting, maybe the week after to....I have a few of the herb ones already done. But I have brain freeze and can not really think. Who knows I may get in the mode on the meds :)  But if I disappear...I will be back.

I do have some friends that are coming by to help get the garden rolling....cuz they know me and my garden. Maybe they will let me share that with ya.

So I want to thank all my reader and all my new ones.....and those angels that help get my shabby little blog out there for people....luv ya's  all!!

This song is for all my angels looking over me and to all you wonderful preppers!! You guys Rock!!

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