Jun 23, 2012

More MRE ideas

 More MRE ideas
 Ok so these are not meals but these can be added to any meat, pasta or rice, even salad which can be foraged to make them taste great!

1/ 4 cup of diced sundried tomates
1 tsp of dried shallots or onions
1 tsp of tomato powder
2 tsp of jalapenos diced and dried

3/4 tsp of lime powder (I skip this)

1/2 tsp of sugar (I skip this)

1/4 tsp of garkus and of of black pepper

1 tsp of salt (I do 1 1/2 of this)

and 3/4 cup of water

Add 3/4 cup room temperature water, stirring well and seal tightly. Let sit for 30 minutes to an hour to rehydrate. Knead the bag gently every 10 minutes or so.
Can be sped up by using warm (not boiling) water.
Makes 1 cup salsa. This is a considerable amount, you may want to halve the recipe.



3 tsp of dried basil, crumbled
3 tsp of shelf stable Parmesan
1tsp of dried garlic , powder or diced (I liked diced)
2tsp of olive oil (or 2 packets) 
1/4 cup of water

At home pack the dry ingredients in a snack size bag and seal tightly. Pack the oil in a leak proof bottle or take packets.
Depending on your use for the pesto sauce, add the oil and up to 1/4 cup water (hot or cool) slowly, mixing till blended. If using on trail sammies, you may want to use less water for a thicker spread. Let sit for a couple minutes to blend the flavors.

Perfect for pasta: Add a couple of diced sun-dried tomatoes, a handful of pine nuts and you have a sauce worthy of any type of pasta.
Try with Potato: make mashed potatoes and pesto in two separate bags, use pesto and olive oil and red pepper flakes as condiments for mashers.
Wraps: smear on a tortillas! Really good with chicken, shrimp, turkey, tuna, dandelion greens, even makes shoe leather taste good ;-)
For a vegan version use vegan friendly faux-Parm found in most natural food stores.

 SHTF Pesto I actually make this now! And invasive weed call garlic mustard grows everywhere

  • 3 cups Garlic Mustard leaves, washed, patted dry, and packed in a measuring cup
  • 2tsp of chopped garlic dried
  • 1/2 cup Olive Oil
  • 1/2 dried Parmesan Cheese
Not really an MRE thing put good to know because of the apundence of garlic 
mustard around the country on the road side.

ok of the end of song post for this is going to be.

Good Rats - Tasty............ ok not about food but felt the post was about making food tasty.




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