Jun 4, 2012

Prepper Crabbing and Fishing - with what you have

For shore line folks, and people who may end up at the shore.... crabbing is an easy and tasty meal. And not at all hard!
The bait for a crab is easy, ANY DEAD SMELLY thing! (fish heads or guts, bad meat)  We use to go, and in one day have a freezer full.

Best places to crab is off docks, bridges and row boats  in rivers that go to the sea.

Now you can get a store bought trap. the basket ones are cheap!  But in a shtf situation these are two DIY styles

First is this basic net style super easy, you can get creative as long as it is a net type material and has a semi taunt way of pulling it up out of the water. With this style I also suggest having some weights attached throughout it so it does not float and lays flat on the bottom.  Use some string to secure your bait in the middle and check every 15 min or so.

Then there is this style, which can go unattended for a longer period of time. It can be thrown into the water from the shoreline and dragged in without the crabs escaping.Go here for the DIY on how to make…super easy    You can also use window screen mesh for this one.

once you have your trap, lower it into the water till it hits bottom, let the line go loose. And pull up every 15 min. or so to see if you have any. Move if you do not even if it is only a few feet.

Now let's go Fishing!

Long before there were Walmart's and fishing stores. People managed fine.  Look under rocks for worm night crawlers and other critters such as flys. And it can be as simple as a string and hook.
This is an old fishing stick just to show how simple it can be.

And then to make a hook is easy HOW TO IS HERE Hide those cool pop tab purses ladies the men will be after them!

You can even use small thorns in a bind. or fish bones... get creative.

Or even earrings or paper clips and safety pins.

Remember to weigh it down near the hook and get something to keep the line floating so it does not hit bottom.  (EX: cork, old plastic xmas ornament)

A few basics


So now you have all the basics to fish and crab in your noggin! !  Remember the biggest skill of fishing and crabbing is stealth and patience .  Without the beer you may have to brush up on your moonshine skills.  (I may address that in another post, not just of the booze effect but for its other uses to).


Ending this post with a man I have seen many time in concert.

Taj Mahal - Fishing Blues

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