Jun 24, 2012

How to make a homemade Battery

How to make a Homemade Battery

  • Aluminum foil

  •  10 copper pennies

  •  Paper towel

  •  Scissors

  •  Electrical tape

  •  Salt water or lime juice (some have used soda but in a shtf situation salt water is best

  •  Wire

  • These are the basics so you get an understanding of what our every day batteries are.  To make this plan on a bigger scale is a thought.  This can be helpful in running simple small things in the a shtf situation.  But if you look on you tube people are do it much bigger!! ....but this is for a basic working  knowledge.


    First you have to Prepare the "anode". Aluminum loses electrons faster than copper, so it will be the source of our electric current, called an anode.  To prepare the aluminum foil anode, cut 10 circles with the scissors to the exact size of a penny. (in a larger project you would use copper and aluminum sheets)

    Then Cut the paper towel. The paper towel will hold the electrolyte solution, and act as the medium to bring it in contact with the cathode and anode. To prepare this, cut out 10 squares just large enough to circumscribe a penny.

    Stack and tape. To make the battery requires stacking the pieces in the correct order. Begin with a penny, the cathode, and put a paper square on top of it. Then place an aluminum circle directly above that. This represents one simple battery cell. Continue stacking in the same order, with a penny followed by paper, foil then paper. When finished, there should be a penny at one end and aluminum foil on the other. Wrap once with electrical tape to hold together without completely sealing off the contents.

     Dip into solution. The entire stack must be submerged in an electrolyte solution for it to soak into the paper towel squares. Salt water can be used, but lime juice, vinegar, diluted bleach or even cola will produce good results.   Experiment with different stacks in different solutions if desired. ( but salt water may be the only shft source for coastal people this will be easyer)

     Connect wire to terminals. Using the electrical tape, connect one length of wire to the penny on one end and the other to the aluminum foil on the opposite side. These represent the positive and negative terminals of the battery. When the wires are connected to a conductive material to complete the circuit, a small electric charge is produced.

    But check out this PDF!!! How to make a storage battery! Click Here

    Tips & Warnings

    • Use a voltmeter to measure the strength of your homemade battery. To increase the charge produced by the battery, increase the number of pennies and foil slips in the stack. Once the paper towel is soaked and the wires are attached, the entire battery can be wrapped in electrical tape if desired, to improve appearance and reduce chance of a short circuit.

    A few simple ones for ideas on video

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    1. I do like your take on this. I think this educational bit is a good foundation for somebody who wants a larger scale project.

      I also want to be encouraging to you because I can feel your heart and mind in your sharing. I am yet just a consumer of prepper information, but I have seen quite a bit.

      I see you have twitter; I do not. I don't want another account to keep up with. I hope that you can find the energies and enough reason to get a Facebook front. That is to say, selfishly I want all my resources to ping my newsfeed, but I am also realistic and know that may not serve your needs.

      I bookmarked the blog and I am sure to come see you again. You are a blessing to humanity when you share with a good heart and intention.

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    3. Thank you! I am so new to this and wanted to share as I went because I know I am not the only new person trying to get things in order. I am trying to touch the sustainable off the grid view. Could I really do that with the little info I know? Not a chance in heck I am a city girl! But when I was younger my parents sent me to survial camp in the summers. And I am tring to reach back to all I learned and share it with everyone.
      My heart is truly into it. A fellow prepper I met at at one of the sites asked what can you offer if something does happen? Basic car repair and and carpentry was all I could offer (which is not bad for a city girl). But I decided that I need to have more to offer and I am on a venture to learn all the basics.

      I have my personal FB and like FB more than the tweet thing. But everyone seems to have the tweet thing. :) As you can tell not a real tweeter :) I may try to set up an FB for this but the whole ping thing evades me . And somewhere in between all of this I have to work.

    4. Hello Urban Chick, If tyou like to make things and you like to prep you may be interested in some of the things I have made for off grid power and lights.
      I have off grid lighting covered 4 ways. Please have a look:

      Lux’s prototypes, hacks and product integrations for better camping at home:





      I have back up components in my faraday cage because I am getting prepped for this:



    5. Thanks Lux leaving the links!! Great stuff!