Jun 27, 2012

Inverter! get one!

Inverters!  Get one!
Inverters convert DC to AC (that is power talk) and do not confuse with AC DC!

Ok as we know I keep it basic and simple no fancy talk or technical. I am learning and to much info for me comes in and goes out like the speed of light (yes I am blonde).

So this small post is about the start of alternative energy. Wind, solar, a car engine, what ever it turns out to be. As far as I can tell you will need an inverter.

I will address the power source in another post, Wind is simple to make and even peddle power is a  a small juice option. Water power if that is an option and solar (which I have yet to find a cheap way of doing this but the government has programs to help convert your house now, I am waiting on this myself, a lot of red tape)

First you will need a battery (this will be an easy find in a shft situation) But batteries do run down I will address how to get them to last longer in a later post.
But to use the energy that is in that battery or many battery's you will need an Inverter for your tools, lights, appliances, what ever you need to plug in

you have your small ones 200 watts 

and you have your larger ones 6000 watts

a 200 watt one you can plug into a car lighter and these cost around 25.00 on amazon. You can always do a make shift thing to have this work directly to a battery by spicing the wires. Now this is not a lot of power. But if there is none you will at least be able to power a drill or saw for a short periods. Or an ipod ect. It is a start and it is better than nothing.


Now just to give you some clue what things use, power wise Click Here

Now the more watts you want the bigger the inverter you will need and the more money it will cost

Now if you have more know how than me this may help Click here I would print this for your binder to have for a just in case you have to figure out how to do this. I have looked at tons of them and think this is a really good step by step can do if you put your mind to it.

Ok that is the basics on the must get an inverter. At least a cheap one. I will post how to's on wind power in the near future.

but for now time of an end of post song.OK don't tell me you did not see this one coming :)

AC/DC - Flick of the Switch