Jun 10, 2012

How-To Books: Free printable PDF - How to books for Preppers

The net can go down then what? Having books for fun again will be a definite. But having how to books will be a skill. 

-Now my dollar store has tons of how to books.  
-Yard sales and used book stores are a fun place to go.
-Amazon is a great used book source 

But on this page I will post most of the  free prepper manuals, many how to's for preppers and survival. For you to add to your collection.

-and I will link any free pdf ones,  you can print for a binder. (will add to this as I find them) Please add ones you may have in the comment section. I realize these are a bit cheezy but they are the basics!  Make sure to print these and put in a binder

Reminder not all PDF's I find are listed here some are in my posts

Food Preservation & Storage
• Food Preparation
• Basic Cookbooks
--- basic cooking pdf 
---This is a great one, it is an old dollar stretching one from the first world war Click Here 
     I would say this one is a MUST print
• Over a hundred ways to cook apples pdf Click Here 

Old school Canning and Preserving pdf Click Here 
--- Canning without sugar pdf   Click Here 
    • How to make a smokehouse pdf Click Here
    --- The Jerky Chef cookbook PDF Click Here *** NEW***

    • How to salt fish Click Here  

    • Foraging / Edible Wild Plant Identification
    --- Universal Edibility Test for plants Click Here ***NEW***
    --- Useful-Wild-Plants-of-the-United-States-and-Canada.pdClick Here 1920's I like the old books they are pre the commercialization of medicine and food.  
    ---Fall Wild edibles PDF Click Here

    • Pantry pests and how to control them pdf Click Here

    • Camp/Outdoor Cooking
    --- old camping book and how to cook Click here

    • Gardening (Vegetables, Grains, Fruit & Herbs)
    --- how to cultivate a garden Click Here 
    --- Building a Hydro garden pdf Click Here  Now if stuck inside for sometime this will be a help to know and if the soil is damaged. Water can be filtered. 
    --- Backyard composting pdf Click Here   and a personal note when ever I here the word I start singing this song Click here I know I have issues :)
    --- Vegetable Garden Encyclopedia Click Here  ***NEW***

    How to build a WINTER greenhouse Click Here  

     ----Four season garden has a few suggestion for winter plantings PDF Click Here

    • Farming (Small-Scale, Traditional, “Old-Time” Skills)
    --- Handy Farm devices (and how to make them) Click Here
    --- How to farm  Click Here

    •A plan for bee keeping. THIS IS A MUST to learn and even start now

    • Raising Small Animals / Livestock
    --- how to raise poultry Click here 
    --- how to build a small chicken coop Click here  
    ---Raising Rabbits  Click Here  This will come in handy if you have a thyroid (there glands can be used) and of course for meat and fur. 

    •  How to cure meat pdf Click Here

    • Self Sufficiency, Wilderness Living, Homesteading 

     • Mending, Sewing, Repair
    --- how to sew Click Here

    • Knitting, Weaving, Quilting, Crochet (patterns as well)
    --- How to Knit Click Here

    • Clothing Patterns
    --- This site offers pattern for free Click here

    • Traditional Shoe Making/Repair
    ---How to repair shoes Click Here

    • Leatherwork/ Leather Preparation/Tanning

    • How to build a simple latrine pdf Click Here 

    •  Digging a well and Care for your well- I have 2 pdf's on one of my pages Click Here

    • How to get salt from the sea pdf Click Here

    • The Household Cyclopedia pdf Click Here

    • Camping/Backpacking

    • Fishing (basic)
    --- Basic Fishing pdf Click here 
    --- How to clean and preserve a fish pdf Click Here    (some good info in this one)

    • Hunting (basic)
    --- Basic Trapping pdf Click Here 
    --- how to make a simple but useable bow and arrow pdf Click Here 
    --- How to prep a squirrel Click Here 
    --- What meat can your eat? Click Here
    • Survival
    --- some basic wilderness skills pdf Click Here
    --- Winter Survival basics Click Here

    --- Base camp Hygiene and health how to pdf Click Here

    • Basic knot tying pdf Click Here

    • Older Boy Scout Handbooks/Field books (newer versions are politically correct, and worthless)
    • Older First Aid Books (newer versions are mostly worthless, they don’t contain basic bandaging or splinting)

    How to make a Crossbow pdf Chick Here
    • How to make your own steel knife pdf Click Here
    • How to sharpen your knifes pdf Click Here
    • How to make  Launch Arrows or Darts by Creating an Atlatl PDF Click Here ***NEW***

    This PDF is great you can survive in the woods with this one alone.  Click Here  
    How to read a map and navigate pdf Click Here ***NEW***

    • Do-It-Yourself Handyman / Fix-it

    • How to build a cob! (Ya know how to be a cobber) build I giant clay pot to live it pdf Click Here

    • Plumbing, Electrical Wiring, Masonry
    --- Basic Plumbing pdf Click Here 
    --- Basic Masonry pdf Click Here 
    --- Basic Electrical understanding pdf Clcik Here

    • Using Basic Handtools
    --- Basic handtools info pdf Click Here 

    • Basic Construction
    --- Basic's on wood framing pdf Click Here  
    --- How to build with bamboo click here for 2 pdf's on this page
    --- Complete guide to Home Carpentry  PDF Click Here  ***NEW***

    • Woodworking (Traditional and Basic)
    --- Basic Woodworking pdf Click Here 
    --- How to use woodworking tools pdf Click Here
    --- How to make and use mortar and cement pdf Click Here 

    • Building and Repair of Simple Furniture• Metalwork / Blacksmithing
    --- blacksmithing Click Here (now this can come in handy for building, not just for horseshoes!)

    • How to make a kayak in 4 hours! not a pdf but can print the page  Click Here

    • 30 Quick Fixes For Everyday Disasters pdf Click Here

    • How to build a log cabin and Cottages andfurnish them pdf Click Here

    • Useful Crafts:
    • Basket making
    --- Basket weaving how to pdf Click Here

    • Soap making
     --- How to make soap pdf Click here

    • Candle making
    --- how make candles (some good info in this pdf) Click here

    • How to make a bucket Click Here pdf

    • Alternate Energy
    • Solar, Wind, Water, etc., etc.

    • Build a generator from a lawnmower  Click Here  

    • Solar
    This is an instrucable that is worth looking at not in my price range but some good info  Click Here

    • Well Drilling / Pumping Water
    --- How to build a hand pump Click Here (now this hurts my head to look at but worth printing and having a few of the supply's on hand) 

    • Foot Power Click here (something we can all do for a little juice when needed)
     here is a better one Click Here

    • Small Engine Repair
    ---- basic maintenance pdf Click Here 

    • How to convert a gas engine to alcohol pdf Click Here

    • How to build a Cretan windmill pdf Click Here  (I really like this one all made with hand tools),

    • How windmills and wind motors pdf Click Here

    How to make peat fuel and how to use it pdf Click Here

    • How to make and use a storage battery pdf  Click Here  

    How to make and use a gas engine! pdf Click Here

    • Basics of steam power pdf Click Here


    Ok this is a link and I believe I mention it in one of my post but there are free PDF's here for Medical and dental that are fantastic! Have to sign up but worth the info!

    • There are several good PDF's on this page, make sure to at least print  the Where There Is No Dentist   

    • Minor emergency surgery Click Here 

    Natural Remedy Encyclopedia Click Here 

    • Handbook of basic Nursing Click Here
    •  Cool old herbal book find hand written form the 1700's  Click Here  

    •  How to treat the sick without medicine Click Here 

     Advanced Field Procedures for emergencies Click Here  ***NEW***

     •  Pandemic Influenza Plan Click Here ***New***

    Survival Manuals and Misc.

     Nuclear War Survival Skills pdf  Click Here

    • Aid to survival PDF Click Here   a lot of interesting tips in this one.

    • Educating children after the collapses click on the book on the left Click Here

    How to fight Hand to hand pdf  Click Here 

    • Hand-radios 101 pdf Click Here 

    • Field book of the stars pdf Click Here  (important skill to have)

    • How to be your own bodyguard  pdf Click Here

    • Bamboo and it's uses I have a post with all kinds of uses and pdf's to many to catorgize here So just go to the page Click Here  (food, building, clothing, water purifier, medicine)

    •  BUG OUT Not a PDF and ebook but great info Click Here

    • Combat Skills of the solider pdf  Click Here

    • How to handle a crisis pdf  Click Here

    Basic Preparedness from FEMA great to give to people that are just learning  Click Here   

    .As always I end my posts with a song...
    this one will be
    Elvis Costello "Everyday I Write the Book" 
    ps you want to see a good show! This is the one!I was  in the front row at one of them and the gaurds were singing and dancing with me and bringing me water and Elvis sang to me!! He is a timeless musician!


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