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How-To Books: Free printable PDF - How to books for Preppers

The net can go down then what? Having books for fun again will be a definite. But having how to books will be a skill. 

-Now my dollar store has tons of how to books.  
-Yard sales and used book stores are a fun place to go.
-Amazon is a great used book source

-and I will link any free pdf ones,  you can print for a binder. (will add to this as I find them) Please add ones you may have in the comment section. I realize these are a bit cheezy but they are the basics!  Make sure to print these and put in a binder

Avery Flexi-View Binder, 1" Capacity, Black (Google Affiliate Ad)

Up Date:  a rockn' Prepper Chick gave me this link!! CLICK HERE a great list of PDF's

Reminder not all PDF's I find are listed here some are in my posts

These are the suggested topics you should be on the look for

Food Preservation & Storage
• Food Preparation
• Basic Cookbooks
--- basic cooking pdf 
---This is a great one, it is an old dollar stretching one from the first world war Click Here 
     I would say this one is a MUST print

Old school Canning and Preserving pdf Click Here 
--- Canning without sugar pdf Click Here 
    • How to make a smokehouse pdf Click Here

    • Foraging / Edible Wild Plant Identification
    ---How to forage - other than grass Click here 
    --- Useful-Wild-Plants-of-the-United-States-and-Canada.pdClick Here 1920's I like the old books they are pre the commercialization of medicine and food.  
    ---Fall Wild edibles PDF Click Here

    • Pantry pests and how to control them pdf Click Here

    • Camp/Outdoor Cooking
    --- old camping book and how to cook Click here

    • Gardening (Vegetables, Grains, Fruit & Herbs)
    --- how to cultivate a garden Click Here 
    --- Building a Hydro garden pdf Click Here  Now if stuck inside for sometime this will be a help to know and if the soil is damaged. Water can be filtered. 
    --- Backyard composting pdf Click Here   and a personal note when ever I here the word I start singing this song Click here I know I have issues :)

    How to build a WINTER greenhouse Click Here  ***NEW*** 

     ----Four season garden has a few suggestion for winter plantings PDF Click Here ***NEW***

    • Farming (Small-Scale, Traditional, “Old-Time” Skills)
    --- Handy Farm devices (and how to make them) Click Here
    --- How to farm  Click Here

    •A plan for bee keeping. THIS IS A MUST to learn and even start now

    • Raising Small Animals / Livestock
    --- how to raise poultry Click here 
    --- how to build a small chicken coop Click here  
    ---Raising Rabbits  Click Here  This will come in handy if you have a thyroid (there glands can be used) and of course for meat and fur. 

    •  How to cure meat pdf Click Here

    • Self Sufficiency, Wilderness Living, Homesteading 

     • Mending, Sewing, Repair
    --- how to sew Click Here

    • Knitting, Weaving, Quilting, Crochet (patterns as well)
    --- How to Knit Click Here

    • Clothing Patterns
    --- This site offers pattern for free Click here

    • Traditional Shoe Making/Repair
    ---How to repair shoes Click Here

    • Leatherwork/ Leather Preparation/Tanning

    • How to build a simple latrine pdf Click Here 

    •  Digging a well and Care for your well- I have 2 pdf's on one of my pages Click Here

    • How to get salt from the sea pdf Click Here

    • The Household Cyclopedia pdf Click Here ***NEW***

    • Camping/Backpacking

    • Fishing (basic)
    --- Basic Fishing pdf Click here 
    --- How to clean and preserve a fish pdf Click Here    (some good info in this one)

    • Hunting (basic)
    --- Basic Trapping pdf Click Here 
    --- how to make a simple but useable bow and arrow pdf Click Here 

    • Survival
    --- some basic wilderness skills pdf Click Here
    --- Winter Survival basics Click Here

    --- Base camp Hygiene and health how to pdf Click Here

    • Basic knot tying pdf Click Here

    • Older Boy Scout Handbooks/Field books (newer versions are politically correct, and worthless)
    • Older First Aid Books (newer versions are mostly worthless, they don’t contain basic bandaging or splinting)

    How to make a Crossbow pdf Chick Here
    • How to make your own steel knife pdf Click Here
    • How to sharpen your knifes pdf Click Here

    • Do-It-Yourself Handyman / Fix-it

    • How to build a cob! (Ya know how to be a cobber) build I giant clay pot to live it pdf Click Here

    • Plumbing, Electrical Wiring, Masonry
    --- Basic Plumbing pdf Click Here 
    --- Basic Masonry pdf Click Here 
    --- Basic Electrical understanding pdf Clcik Here

    • Using Basic Handtools
    --- Basic handtools info pdf Click Here 

    • Basic Construction
    --- Basic's on wood framing pdf Click Here  
    --- How to build with bamboo click here for 2 pdf's on this page

    • Woodworking (Traditional and Basic)
    --- Basic Woodworking pdf Click Here 
    --- How to use woodworking tools pdf Click Here
    --- How to make and use mortar and cement pdf Click Here 

    • Building and Repair of Simple Furniture• Metalwork / Blacksmithing
    --- blacksmithing Click Here (now this can come in handy for building, not just for horseshoes!)

    • How to make a kayak in 4 hours! not a pdf but can print the page  Click Here

    • 30 Quick Fixes For Everyday Disasters pdf Click Here ***NEW***

    • Useful Crafts:
    • Basket making
    --- Basket weaving how to pdf Click Here

    • Soap making
     --- How to make soap pdf Click here

    • Candle making
    --- how make candles (some good info in this pdf) Click here

    • How to make a bucket Click Here pdf

    • Alternate Energy
    • Solar, Wind, Water, etc., etc.

    This is an instrucable that is worth looking at not in my price range but some good info  Click Here

    • Well Drilling / Pumping Water
    --- How to build a hand pump Click Here (now this hurts my head to look at but worth printing and having a few of the supply's on hand) 

    • Foot Power Click here (something we can all do for a little juice when needed)

    • Small Engine Repair
    ---- basic maintenance pdf Click Here 

    • How to convert a gas engine to alcohol pdf Click Here

    • How to build a Cretan windmill pdf Click Here  (I really like this one all made with hand tools),

    • How windmills and wind motors pdf Click Here

    How to make peat fuel and how to use it pdf Click Here

    • How to make and use a storage battery pdf  Click Here  

    How to make and use a gas engine! pdf Click Here

    • Basics of steam power pdf Click Here 


    Ok this is a link and I believe I mention it in one of my post but there are free PDF's here for Medical and dental that are fantastic! Have to sign up but worth the info!

    • Make sure to at least print  the Where There Is No Dentist   

    Minor emergency surgery Click Here 

    Natural Remedy Encyclopedia Click Here 

    Survival Manuals and Misc.

    • Aid to survival PDF Click Here   a lot of interesting tips in this one.

    • Educating children after the collapses click on the book on the left Click Here ***NEW***

    How to fight Hand to hand pdf  Click Here 

    • Hand-radios 101 pdf Click Here 

    • Field book of the stars pdf Click Here  (important skill to have)

    • How to be your own bodyguard  pdf Click Here

    • Bamboo and it's uses I have a post with all kinds of uses and pdf's to many to catorgize here So just go to the page Click Here  (food, building, clothing, water purifier, medicine)

    • How to makes a bike! pdf Click Here  starts on page 94

    •  BUG OUT Not a PDF and ebook but great info Click Here

    • Combat Skills of the solider pdf  Click Here  ***NEW***

    .As always I end my posts with a song...
    this one will be
    Elvis Costello "Everyday I Write the Book" 
    ps you want to see a good show! This is the one!


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