Aug 11, 2012

Bamboo?? This is the US? Uses for it?


Yep you read right! Bamboo! It is illegal to plant in many states now. BUT if you Google it you will find a city or area near you that has issues with it..I have 4 places near me and I am in a big city. One is almost a forest. .LEARN WERE IT IS! Or plant it (as long as you build an underground containment or above ground garden for it so it does not spread).

  • Click here for info on how to grow and contain it. I live in the northeast and it thrives here!
  •  CLICK HERE for a pdf on how to propagate bamboo .

I can hear you asking...WHY!

Well let me tell you, It is a massive WEED! Grows like a son of a bitch and grows FAST ( some grows as fast as 47 inches in a 24-hour period in some climates.)!!     Really fast in one seasons time. In a SHTF situation bamboo will be a blessing. We have so many people that trees will be chopped down fast. And trees grow slow and are far to valuable of a resource to chop down if we do not have to.

Now you can start with making a flute with it Click Here for pdf how to(come on you did not have one of these when you were a kid?)

Keep in mind bamboo is light weight and easy to cut and process. So that can save on valuable power resources as well. 

USES for bamboo

Building shelter

Right now over a billion people live in bamboo houses in all climates. It is an amazing and strong building material. Easy to use for scaffolding to rebuild. It can be cut for roof repairs, flooring and siding.
  • How to build a house with bamboo pdf  Click Here
  • How to make bamboo joints pdf  Click Here (this will also be useful in furniture and transportation)



It is a food source. In Japan, the antioxidant properties of the bamboo skin prevent bacterial growth, and are used as natural food preservatives.
  • This is a great pdf CLICK HERE on how to harvest and store bamboo shoot for food.


Clothing can be made from it. Click here on how to make it into fabric

It is a great source to make paperClick Here for how to pdf


Roads and bridges can be made with it. Strong stuff and easy to work with. The longest bamboo bridge was 850 feet long, 9 feet wide!



Fire Wood!  Yes!  when used as fire wood it produces more btu per weight than hardwood and makes less ash. Bamboo charcoal will maintain a constant heat longer than hardwood charcoal.


Medicinal Use 

Chinese medicine has long used bamboo to treat infections. Other Eastern medicinal systems, like Indian traditional medicine, use bamboo to concoct a tonic that helps alleviate symptoms of respiratory diseases. Bamboo is also used to treat fevers, resolve phlegm, and relieve lung inflammation, among other things. As for its nutritional value, bamboo is a good low-calorie source of potassium.  


Beer? Bamboo beer is made from the seeds of flowering bamboo. Same process as regular beer.

and a Tiki bar for the Beer??


And lets not forget Uses for Bamboo Charcoal  

First Click here for a pdf on how to make Bamboo Charcoal! 

  • -Place in a room it works as a deodorize the air, regulate humidity.
  • - It can remove bateris, pesticides and heavy metals from fruit and vegetable. Add 1 or 2 tsp of chopped up charcoal to a bowl and soak for 15 min. 
  • -Keep your fruits and vegetables fresh longer by placing them in a bag with a few stalks of  Bamboo Charcoal.
  • - Bamboo Charcoal stalks in the basement can help to mitigate radon gas concentration levels. Not eliminate but def. help if it is the only option.
  • - You can filter water with is. By putting a few stalks of Bamboo Charcoal in 1 gallon of water.  Wait 15 min.  and water will be filtered to remove harmful, distasteful substances, its PH level will be balanced, and it adds minerals like those found in fancy water.

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