Aug 17, 2012

How to dry and grind corn


This is a simple post. Because anyone can farm corn.  And because corn meal can be a much needed tasty carb in times of trouble.

First always remember to save seed for the next years crop.
Choose the earliest and the best developed corncobs you can find.
Cover them with a large enough paper bag (not a plastic bag)
 Allow the cob to develop and dry out on the stalk as long possible
break off husk and keep in cool place till ready to plant. 

Now you are basically dehydrating.  Some suggest to let them grow on the stalk till the first frost. This does not really make them yummy for corn on the cob, but it makes the kernel larger for grinding more meal.

Now husk them or just pull the husks back. If you just pull the husks back this makes an easy way to hang them to dry.  Ya know like the pretty ones we hang on our doors. And remember to let them dry good. An other tip is corn can stay much longer on the cob. So you can shuck and grind as you need it.

Now comes the hard part, get the corn off the cob. Now mother earth news  had this simple idea. Guess it is like wack- a -mole but with corn!  NO, acutually you stick the ear of corn in twisting it so all the corn comes off in a bucket or a bowl. It would work like this Click Here.


If you have power this is a much better way!!  Bike power generator is perfect for this.

So now we have our dried corn and it is off the cob!  POPCORN TIME!!! :) once you are done eating popcorn the next step is grinding it. Now the more I researched the more I see the need for at the least a simple hand mill. But shtf situation do not always allow it. So one of the grinding methods in my previous post Click Here The last note is there are different textures to grind it into...course to fine depending on what you are using it for. A finer flour grind gives you a fluffy er end result - A course on would be for chicken feed. A medium to fine floury one would be for bread tortillas, flat breads, pancakes and fritters. Fry some chicken coated with it or even polenta (yuck).      .     .     .     .             .     .     .     .             .     .     .     .                                                                                                                                                                     Some other uses for cornmeal are: 
  • Ant killer- sprinkle were ant trails are, they can not digest it.
  •  In the garden sprinkle it on plants and around the bottom of them and it protects against aphids and control some fungus and prevents weeds. DO NOT use on baby plants wait till they are established.  
  • Put some in shoes and it help prevent fungus and athletes foot.  
  • Facial washes with cornmeal helps with acne.        .     .     .     .                                                        
  •  Did I mention Corn whiskey? Click Here for info on that. Now with the last suggestion I will end this post with this song Corn Liquor 

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