Aug 17, 2012

Smoking allowed

Alternatives for tobacco, for Preppers, Survivalists, and Bushcrafters.


I am a smoker and if you are..... you totally at least have thought about.....what would I smoke.

I know some lady's that are stockpiling nicotine gum and mint things. Which is a smart thing to do because nicotine has other benefits.
  •  Asthma Rheumatism
  • Chills Fevers
  • Headaches ,Earaches
  • Toothaches, Childbirth pains
  • Stomachaches ,Open wounds
 But me...I am looking for stuff to smoke! And this would be a great trade product.

First here is some info on old pipes  - Pipes and Smoking Customs of the American Aborigines, Based on Material in the U.S. National Click Here for pdf

If your are not into smoking you can always turn that pipe into a bubble blower Click Here

Of course you can grow your own tobacco. I am in the Northeast and we have tobacco farms, so I am thinking it can grow most anywhere. So at the least getting some seeds to save would be a first thing. But then you may have to wait a whole planting season before that can happen.

So tobacco substitutes are a good thing to know.

Red willow known as red osier dogwood in my part of the country.
Take a stick from the tree.  Then remove the top layer of bark and expose the inner layer with a knife. You would cut some grooves around the sticks and roast them thoroughly. Roast NOT BURN! Then scrap this roasted part off and ground it. And you have a smoke-able product that has the same effect as nicotine! 

Now American Indians use to take this and many other same kind products and mix them for different flavors. They called it Kinnikinnick
For example : Suffield oak-leaf,bearberry, silky cornel, bunchberry, evergreen sumac, littleleaf sumac, red sumac, arrowroot, laurel, ironwood, wahoo, squaw huckleberry, Jamestown weed, black birch, cherry bark, corn and mullein. These are all  products that can be mixed into a Kinnikinnick.
**All the barks are processes the same way as the Dogwood.


Herbs you can grow in your garden to smoke or for tea
I had to do a separate page for the list of herbs that you can grow in your yard that can be smoked Click here for it

 And last but not at all least Weed

We have our most well known one.... Weed, now yes this is a narcotic. Yes, it has a lot of medical uses so if you still have that friend, get a few of those seeds to stockpile to. But also remember hemp can be smoked and has no narcotic effects. But strangely those seeds are harder to find..or are they? You can find them online raw and in the shell. Not only is it a tobacco sub (and non narcotic)  Click Here for 60 ways to use Hemp

And I am sorry but I really LOVE this song Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk - Rufus Wainwright
PS these are 2 things I love...stockpiled powder milk and Quick Chocolate! And I the seeds stockpiled!



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