Aug 9, 2012

How to grind grains with out a store bought mill

Grinding grains is an important life needed skill. You will be apply to turn long storage life grains, acorns and foraged nuts into flour to bake with.

When looking for a pdf for my pdf page I came across a few great ideas (a few in a pdf's). So this post is just to show you a few of the ideas I came across.

You can simply grind it with a stone on another stone, or in a cup or bowl.

You can build a man powered grinding mill (alot of stone carving need for this) But I am guessing some creative salvage works can provide a ready made wheel for this. Even soaking some board to make a think wood wheel good make this happen.


add a bike to that man powered one tilt is side ways and you have a faster grinder. Click here for the pdf for petal power mill.


I love this one Click here for the pdf  I printed this one out because I think it is the best and most useable.

I also just came across a few step by step pictures of this one above. Click Here (looks like the guy is a brewer that took them)

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ok hard to find a song for this post so I just went with this one R.Kelly Bump N' Grind instead of bump and grind sing grain and grind 


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