May 28, 2012

Salt Water, Sea Water - Water Filter DYI Homemade

I live on the shore so this is something I wanted to learn about. But found the information really hard to find.  So I thought this was something I need to post about for others. IN SIMPLE ENGLISH. (side note you can use this for really dirty water as well)

other side note: salt water can power homemade battery's Click Here 

There are several ways to do this.....

First way:
I came across this when searching. it is a solar dome. You can simply get this product But if you are creative you can do this with a sheet of plastic. CLICK HERE

Second is easy and a little faster:

-Drinking glass or small tin can
-HEAT fire, stove

·First you place a drinking glass inside the pot pointing up, as if it already had delicious clean water in it. Pour saltwater into the pot to be distilled. Just make sure no saltwater accidentally gets into the glass.
-Invert the cover of the pot so that the knob of the pot is directly above the opening of the drinking glass.
-Boil the water on the heat source. As the condensation accumulates on the lid of the pot, it will roll down into the glass. Voila!

Third takes more skill but is a lot faster:
getting a little more creative here are a few different ideas

Click here for more info on a stove top distiller 
(side note this is a moonshine technique) 


Go bigger get more water. Same as the solar dome but larger! Liters of water a day!

Now I guess the basic concept is that fresh water is the only thing that rises in the condensation......... 
so you need to create a contained hot area for it to do that. And a place for it to go. Basic and simple. 
Looking at this larger one I would think the concept is the it is the opposite of the second idea in this post. Have the saltwater container in the middle and raised and a clean water container below it  so that the condensation can roll down the sides into the lower level for drinking.

This is the same  idea as the first one but larger. But with all this in mind you should be able to be the person that can  get drinking water from the sea!

Here are some pics of some homemade set ups I found to give you some ideas


Salt of the earth is the song for this post


  1. Just wanted to add a note on this

    Winter time and I am starting my winter sow for the first time. Which made me think of this post. Can you do the condensation process when it is cold and snow time? Yes you can. Just make sure you but it in direct sun light and make sure you get as close as you can to an air tight seal.

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    1. i totally agree with you. thanks for sharing your thoughts

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