May 26, 2012

MRE ideas

A few Homemade MRE's (more to come)
Ever get one of thoses MRE's from the army surplus store...NASTY!  Yes if it was life and death I would eat it. And Yes there are some company's that make some yummy ones. 

 the fact on the ready made ones are
1. MRE's are commercially packaged - they are foodsafe in a plastic bag.

2. MRE's have vitamins added. There's over 3,000 calories in one pouch.
3. Their shelf life is insane!

But as a prepper many of us are looking for some do it yourself ideas.

First you can use some zip locks and suck the air out to make them. I have the mylar bags and I cut them to make smaller pouches (just iron the edges to make smaller ones). Or you can even use some small plastic containers (but remember shelf life on these is not as long so make sure what you make is something you will eat) and to add oxygen absorbers.

Some basic ideas

 Instead of cooked rice use instant, add dehydrated veggys. and you have a simple MRE just add water and cook. Kinda like those cup a soup idea. (which to me are MRE's) 

You can do creamed soups....Use powdered milk, powdered veggies, seasonings, and some baby rice cereal for thickening. Sounds nasty but tastes great!

Pasta and sauce  

You can dehydrate pasta sauce and use that new 3 minute pasta  with some veggys. I like peas Dehydrated of course. Remember if you have brushed up on your foraging skills you can have a salad on the side so add some herbs in a small pouch for that.

Make your own backpacking food: spaghetti sauce 


Now for meat: well I have to be honest I have seen many people dehydrate meat (click here for how to dehydrate)  for jerky but almost all say it is not for long term. So this is a product you will have to splurge for  or another distrubuter online for this. The ground beef ones taste great after rehyration and you can use it in soup  MRE's . And looking into canning is the other way. (most say this is the best for meat)
Taco beef with rice
Ground beef with taco seasoning and instant rice with dehydrated peppers makes for a tasty meal.I dehydrate my own shredded cheese so that is something I have added to this dish.
Sheppard's pie!
Instant mash potato always fill the belly  - add some of the ground beef and some dehydrated corn and you have Sheppard's pie! (add some seasoning to taste salt, pepper, garlic and onion powder, and alittle butter butter dried milk for the potatoes)
Ok again the dried ground beef (season to taste) and I would cook and deydrade the beans (if you use straight dry beans it will take for ever to cook!)  I would also add the dehydrated cheese in this.  We will end with this song:   

Not a song but I always think of this when I say hamburger



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