May 30, 2012

A basic tool bag, 
for beginner preppers to stock pile

Ok, prepper, city girl,  this kit has two reasons to have. One to bug out with, so you have the basics, but for us city folks we may not have a garage full of tools. Now theses are the basics and I am sure I will add a few more. But you should have one never the less

UPDATE: also go to this page and watch the video on hand tools Click Here

$$ means I got them at the dollar store
  • Pliers (get the pointy and reg.ones) $$
  • Chain saw chain or a small good old fashion saw , or even a machete
  • Wire Cutters $$
  • Small  Hammer $$
  • Ziplock bag (w/ nuts,screws,zip ties,and miscellaneous) $$
  • Duck Tape $$
  •  Razor/Utility Knife $$
  •  Set of Alan Wrenches $$
  •  Set of 2 standard screw drivers and philips (real ones not the interchangeable ones)  $$  
  • Wrenches $$
  • A MAN....ok that will not fit in the bag! Can't blame a girl for dreaming.
ok in this post I have a link to a really simple wire saw how to. I say make a few (all stuff can to make it can be bought at the dollar store). Click here

And a few non tool things to keep in this bag are Compass, fire starter and mirror

ok songs about tools are few so this is the song for this post

Song for this post is ...
 “If had a hammer” – Peter, Paul and Mary (side note got to meet Mary and she totally rocked for a women my parents age. At the time! Got to party at her house!)

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