May 26, 2012

Alternative cooking in shtf situation

Shit..... got stuff in a can, got stuff in the shiny mylar bags, got no way to cook it!
Well that sucks!  Well here are some ideas you should be looking into now!

Solar Cooker
Yea ok I have watched dozes of video on how to's to make these. Folks seem to have a hard time getting them to heat up enough for any major cooking. But great for small easy stuff. and save on fire wood and charcoal.  I am not going to pretend I am some kind of expert of this stuff. But I am great at trolling the web for info. I found the page Click Here .  It is every kind of solar cooker you could think of and how to make them! I kind of like the umbrella looking one great for people in the city, and you could rig something up to hang it out the window. 

Dutch Oven
this one is kind of like the one I have. and I use it all the time. My big part has a handle. I got it for $30 online. and cost $12.00 to ship it. well worth taking the time out to hunt for a good one at a good price.
This is basically a cast iron pot that can be put on or over a the wild west cowboys did. You can find them in the Good Will all the time.....and old ones are better! And cheap. But I have found a few cheap ones at amazon. I would have one of these on hand. Kind of a must

 Great for your to go bag. and I even keep a few in the car for my winter break down kit for heat. you can find them 2 for $1.00 in alot of place worth having a few. I use them at partys so I get them buy the case in the summer. 

Mud Oven

go here for a how to Click Here 
and this is a more primitive way Click Here



Aluminum foil
No pan, on the go..... do like Betty did,
 wrap it in foil and cook it on da fire! 

NOTE: when building a fire do a layer of rocks under where you are building it. I will help with keeping it hotter longer and help with a more even cooking area.

Fire Pit 
No not the kind you buy in walmart
Primitive but a great thing to learn
Click here for how to

Came across these photos my give you some ideas, looks like a cooking and heating options. Click here

Perfect song Dan Zane (yes I did !) All Around the Kitchen! (shhhh I do that chicken dance all the time )

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  1. Hey Urbanprepperchick don't forget the good old fashioned hobo stove, or propane camp stove for a little money. Hobo stove for when the propane runs out or charcoal is plentiful. Make sure for apartment cooking people know to open their windows or they will asphixiate, and have a bucket of water nearby in case of fire.

    Member in scouts how you could make a stove with a coffee can?