May 18, 2012


How the heck do I start prepping?

First know the 5 basic's Click here for pdf

WHAZZZ up my city prepper?  Lets be honest, space is an issue and plastic stackable tubs are the answer! And they are portable in case you have to roll out of town!

How the heck do I start prepping?  
 Most likely you have already started. When you buy that extra because it is on sale, that in a sense is prepping. You go to the store buy extra of what is on sale or cheaper than it usually is. By doing this you can buy more and even spend less every week. (after a few months of stocking up I promise your grocery bill will decrease!) Ask any couponer! (also  remember to use those coupon sites to save money. I am a fan of it is a forum. A bit hard to follow at first but it is were all the coupon sites get their info.

Now with that said, how many days of food should you have?
Some say 3 days, my State says 2 weeks, some say 3 months, a year even. But many say longer. It is up to you what you want to stock. I would say a year is best. But remember set smaller goals to reach. Making sure you have a round menu.

What should I start stocking?
Everyone has a different idea of what a person should stock. I really think that you should make sure what ever it is. it needs to be what you would eat it now, not just in a crisis. Food that makes the belly happy is important.

For beginners (remember if you are a city dweller we may do less homemade cooking than others, no take out in a crisis)
I am no pro but my first stock items were Toilet Paper and soap and detergent (not food I know, but must haves).
Then I started the food.
1) think about a weekly menu. Man can not live on just noodles. You will have no grocery stores.

think cereal and oatmeal and dried milk (I also stocked up on choc milk mix for the dry milk cuz I am really no fan of it)
I also did a major stock up on Jiffy all purpose mix because yes I am no baker! I put them in Mylar bags so they will stay good for many years, and all you need to do is add water to make breads and pancakes dumplings  muffins ect  Click Here for the Jiffy pdf cookbook  I found that the best price for this is walmart. Did not check the big discount stores, so they may have a better price.But to buy it directly from jiffy is more costly because it cost a ton to mail it. and make sure to have syrup in stock (this stuff has a good shelf life but remember to rotate old use first in your daily life) Also dry fruit to make muffins with or add to cereals. I also must add to this whole powdered eggs. (still think yuck!!) but I say whole ones because they are versatile. You can use them as scrambled eggs (with a crap load of seasoning), but you can use them to bake other items with. (these you can get at sam's club or online).

Lunch and Dinner
Remember full belly and nutrition. Must have's RICE, DRY BEANS  and PASTA all = full belly. I am not a rice and beans fan but they are cheap to stock and store well and can feed many. Again Mylar bags are great for all of these. With your rice, beans and pastas think of different dish you can make with them that you would like. Ex: pasta with red sauce and spinach (dehydrates easy, I will get into dehydrating more in another post or you can google it) and rolls made with the jiffy mix.  Rice with caned chili or vegetable beef soup poured over it. With a fresh salad you foraged for. (I will get into the importance of learning basic foraging in another post and link it to here when I do) . click here for some ideas for dishes


Candy, (choc and hard) stay well. Jello, surprisingly you do not need a fridge for ( you cut the water in half and it jello's up fine and tastes the same, warning jiggles less). Canned and boxed is key for this, canned fruits, puddings, boxed brownie mixes and cake mixes can be made in solar ovens. Life would totally suck with out these!


WATER WATER WATER!!! You can not do any of the above with out STOCK UP ON IT!  I got those 5 gallon oil jugs from the restaurants and cleaned them out good with dawn and hot water and the a few caps of bleach and water to sterilize them....(this is only for a shtf big time situation). I also got some of those berkey filters on amazon. You can rig them in big buckets if need be. And with the quality of water in the city you could use them now. Click here for my post on cheap water filter ideas
With water made clear, juice mixes are great to have on hand. Soda and bottled juices are great to! I will get into how to get these all cheap with couponing in future posts.

and I would pick up some booze! Don't drink, get it anyway, it will be a great trade item and has many other uses. Vodka, Rum and Whiskey all stay good in storage, and you can get some of the cheap kind for this purpose. 

I think I will end this on a high note (high note meaning if you have that friend get some seeds from them for that just in case! remember those seeds can replace 70 different pharma's that many people take!)

I know your head is about to explode! Mine was to, a little bit here and a little bit there and you will have a stock pile in no time.

and I love my music so you might find a song or two in this blog
Living Dead Beats - Sek............... Not a big techno fan but love the video.


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