May 25, 2012

Go-bag, 72 hour bag....get the heck out of dodge bag!



What ever you want to call sure should have one. And so should everyone in your home.  This is not just preppers that say this.  FEMA, your state and local government say to have a go bag. 

Now I personally have several. I have one in each car. I have one at the house for each family member and I have a bigger one on wheels with most need stuff. for 2 weeks.  

 If you are making a to go bag for an Urban setting you should try to make a kit and plan to deal with three types of potential Situations: 
-An Evacuation from the City
-An Evacuation from your Home to another location within the City
- As a Tool for Search and Rescue.
Remember if you are a city dweller, you may have a journey in front of you if the situation does cause you to have to bug out.  So make sure you have SEVERAL directions to drive out. And meet up places for family members. 

I got the backpacks at the goodwill for a buck each. (upcycle is now the in thing!) I also put some great stuff I got at the dollar store in mine.

$$ - means I got it at the dollar store
  • Whistle $$
  • One thing I never see in lists is HAIRBRUSH!  $$
  • Plastic drop clothes (can be used for shelter to keep dry and warm and even to collect water)$$
  • Rope  $$
  • Wooden matches and lighters $$
  • sterno's for cooking and instant heat $$
  • Dust mask $$
  • Pocket knife $$
  • Emergency cash in small denominations and quarters for phone calls
  • Sturdy shoes, a change of clothes, and a warm hat
  • Some water and food  gum and hard candy.
  • Extra prescription eye glasses, hearing aid or other vital personal items ($$ extra reading glasses)
  • Prescription medications and first aid supplies
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste, Soap and Shampoo, Comb, Razor, Shaving Cream, Sun Block,Wet Wipes, Painkillers and Anti-Diarrheal Tablets, Travel Towel $$
  • Extra keys to your house and vehicle
  • Tweezers$$
  • Scissors $$
  • Small bottle with bleach for water purification
  • and a small bottle of charcoal bits for water purification (see my dyi water filter post)
  • Any special-needs items for children, seniors or people with disabilities. 
  •  Flashlight $$
  • Radio – battery operated 
  • Aluminum foil
  • Mouse traps (trust me on this) $$
       AND A MUST.............. DUCT TAPE :) 

I saw this at instuctables spices to go (even grass taste good if you add the right spices). 

     Now with batteries I got a solar battery charger from amazon. And rechargeable batteries AAA, AA, C and D all fit into the one I got. Worth it in the long run. (PS I got all the batteries with coupons (I find the the battery company's have the best coupons on the FB pages every so often).

    I have talked about a prepper binder in an other post. this is the place to keep it. Some ideas for your binder are:
    printable pdf info to survive I have started a page full of them Click here
     Local map (I also made maps of family members home that I may head to and put them in everyone's bags    so we can find each other)
     Permanent marker, paper and tape
     Photos of family members and pets for re-identification purposes
     List of emergency point-of -contact phone numbers
     List of allergies to any drug (especially antibiotics) or food
     Copy of health insurance and identification cards
    Any other info you can think would be important. (like my example in my foraging post) 

    Don’t forget to make a Go-bag for your pets.

    ok the song for this post is ..... Bon Jovi...Runaway!

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    1. I put colorful post it's of a few different sizes in my son's bag in case he needs to backtrack, or he is lost we know how to track them in case there is no form of communication. Paracord bracelet, key chain, or loose, crayons, coloring book, playing cards, Compass, and a whole lot more I personally can think of! I actually have to lighten up the 72 hour bags! I like to be prepared, but if it's an instance where less is easier and better, I need to reorganize ��☺ Great blog with very useful information! ℹ