May 28, 2012

More homemade MRE ideas

 Now we are talking we want it to taste good right.

 Fried real Mac and Cheese
So we can do the boxed mac and cheese or we can use our 
Dehydrated Cheese
3 minute pasta
and a dash of powdered milk and dehydrated butter
Cook the pasta, dehydrate the cheese and mix with butter and milk. Then mix together and throw in a frying pan to quick bake and very yummy mac and cheese! You can add a little bread crumb to the frying mix for extra taste.

 How to dehydrate Cheese  and she shows a few other methods. This is the best one I have found

Here is an easy one!  Most of Jiffy cake mixes are just add water (for those who had easy bake ovens we already knew this). So it is a no brainier to add this. You can through in some choc, chips or dried fruit to make a variety and you can bake in your dutch oven....but every MRE I talk about I always think all I have is a sterno. or a small fire. So you can pour cookie size pancakes and cook it that way. or you can poor it in an empty veg can and make a hobo cake. Jiffy cookbook link again just click here 

Soup with dumplings
Easy one, and yes another Jiffy one. So you can just do a canned soup and heat it up or your own mix
powdered bullion or cubes, minute rice or 3 minute pasta, dehydrated veg.  and even some freeze dried or dehydrated chicken. Or some canned chicken. 
Get it going to a boil mix up some all purpose jiffy mix (just add water) and plop tea spoon size scoops of the jiffy mix into the soup....and tada a sticks to the ribs soup that fills you!

And last Jiffy one
Mix your all purpose jiffy mix add a little extra salt to it. and fry it up in pizza shapes.
Mix your dehydrated sauce spread on top. you can heat the sauce up with what ever you like in it, peppers, onions, meat, (all dehydrated)  and sprinkle grated cheese on it or put dehydrated cheese on it and cook for a few more minutes with cover.

ok since this post was about Jiffy mix mostly had to do this song (it is a bit annoying)

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