May 24, 2012


 DOCTOR NOT IN??? Now what??

Yaaaaa you can have a smoke. Some tobacco's can be just as good as many medicines.**wink wink**

THIS WAS MY FIRST PRIORITY when I started to prep! I suggest you do the same.
Man oh man you can't live without drugs now a days. Really you can't
Things we all take for granted. So we have two different levels of drugs: over the counter and prescription.
Lets start with this great free ebook :

Where There Is No Doctor  Click here they offer a bunch of free pdf's on living without a doctor!

Lets address over the counter first.

Take a moment, think... in a one year, two year time frame what do you and your family and friends buy in over the counter drugs. Really think about it. Now imagine not having any! I have stocked up on all of these.

Ibuprofen, cold, hay fever, eye drops, nose sprays, bandages, ect.

I have been able to get a lot free or close to free with coupons and sales matching. But lets say you don't have the time or drive. Most Wal-Mart’s right now have the 88 cent bin. With all the basic must haves are.... yes you guessed it 88 cents!

Well it will go bad.... I try to rotate it use oldest first so I have the newest for the stockpile. And yes there is a date on it. But I have to be honest,  if in desperate need will I take an ibuprofen a year or two past the sell by bet your ass I will!!  It may take two to work but I will freakin take it!  It is far better than nothing. Also think life may not be the same.  Things like anti fungus cream ect. may be needed,  for 88 cents each you can throw together a nice emergency kit.  The dollar store also has some of the basics to. 


You can see if your doctor will write you a extra prescription so you can have a stockpile. But most will not. Mine did double up on my most needed so I get 2 a month and use one and save one (that was the most she would do) I almost have a year aside now.  You can do some reading to see what herbs can replace many of the drugs we now have become reliable on. But many like me need the pharma.

 I even got a neutralizer for my asthma that takes double a battery's (which I can charge with a solar charger). They are a bit high prices but most insur. will cover them.

Start now to have it just in case.
Stocking up on this is very important in my book.  They say over seas is a choice but I looked and read reviews and many just seem to shady and many complain of the product not being the real thing. Also here is some great info on antibiotics Click Here. Yes fish Mox is the same thing.

KEEP UP TO DATE ON YOU DOCTOR AND DENTIST appointments. Me, I hate the freak’n dentist and doctor but I make sure I go and stay on top of it because if something happens you do not want to be that person that is saying I should of went when I had the chance.


Also take a free class at the Red Cross 

end with an old blues song. REALLY OLD but cool.

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