May 7, 2015

It is happening - Last minute preps


Ok  so you have not prepped and the shit hits the what???

The power and water are out, the economy crashes big time, what ever it is you know it is big and you have nothing or have not finished stock pileing!  RUN TO THE NEAREST STORE!!! Get your cash out of the ATMS and fill as many jugs with gas as you can.


PLUG ALL CELL PHONES IN AND START CHARGING IN CAR or if you still have electric! (charge computers to) .Communication is most important.
Stop at the gas station fill ALL cars and containers you can find!

Call the pharmacy and try to get refills for everything (many will let you do 3 months! do more if you can)

Stop at ATM get all the cash you can with bank and credit cards (cash will be useful for a while) But if bank is open (get nickles and dime and penny's) The metal will be worth more than paper.


Now remember if they do not have something keep it moving and grab what you can fast. This can last you a few months! 

Go to grocery store have each family member fill carts.

FIRST GO straight to the 
-Flashlights and battery's for them get as many battery's as you can find these are ALWAYS the first thing to go. And candles

Water as much as you can - Gatorade - soda in big bottle (the bottles will be useful)

As much rice as you can get!! Rice can be added with foraging and can be the difference between life and death.

-Canned beans 20-30   -   Dried Bean (a bunch of bags) (hate beans get over it they are protein!)
-Vegetables cans 20 -30
-Tuna 20-30
-Frozen Meat that can last a bit  (hot dogs can last a little longer)
-Also remember chicken comes in cans! Go to that canned meat section and grab a variety
 -Mac and cheese is a comfort food grab a bunch
-Peanut butter and jelly 5 ten jars each
-Tomato sauce (10 jars =20 pasta or rice meals) And grab 20 or so can of tomato paste to
-Cookie and crackers grab 10 of each at least 10 of the crackers
-Chocolate (I would grab a crap load of chocolate. IT is happiness and this is needed as far as I am concerned    and can be a trade item)  
-Oatmeal, 10 at least (I hate oatmeal but it fills the belly and is cheap)
-Nuts grab a few containers (costly so depends on what cash you have) 
-Energy bars and protein drinks
-Coffee (I have a major stock pile of this already but if you are a coffee drinker be a shelf clearer!) And grab tea because it is better than nothing.
-SUGAR! Get a lot!     FLOUR Get a lot!     Salt Get a lot!
-White vinegar does a so many things grab at least 5 bottles (CLICK HERE for uses)
-Cooking oil get at least 5 large bottles
-50 # of Potatoes and onions
-Spices can make crappy food taste good make sure to get the ones you like
-Get the bricks of cheese the processed ones stay good for a longer time 
-Butter is better get a few boxes of it
-4 loaves of bread
-I love my jiffy mix or Bisquick (get it at least a few boxes) muffins cakes and all purpose!


- your prescriptions
-Bandaid (and like products/remember female pads are great subs)
-Rubbing alcohol and hydrogen peroxide  (at least 5 bottles)
-Tylenol and Ibuprofen At least 4 or 5 bottles
-Disposable gloves
-basic hygiene supplies shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes tampons, razors 
-Laundry soap
VITAMIN C and multivitamins (to keep you healthy) Omega 3 is a great antioxidant to!
-Bleach! Plain not scented (this can be used to purify water!) 10 gallons.
-Dish detergent
- paper and plastic will help keep it simple in the beginning so grab plates, cups and utensils
-PAPER TOWELS as much as you can get---- Toilet paper as much as you can get --- Kleenex if they have none.  Having TP of any kind is a luxury I personally can not live without.
-Garbage bags 5 boxes of 30 at least (these can be used for so many things)
-Water purification tablets (bleach is great but if you can find these or pool shock that would help)
-Battery-operated radio (solar is better and now a days why not grab one now they are cheap online)
-Basic Tools, rope, tape
-Matches a few boxes , Lighters a few packages
-Did I say batteries  yet!!! Batteries grab them!! Rechargeable cost more but worth it!
-Propane cooking stove
-Propane fuel, fire starters (can get at the gas station they may jack the price up instantly)
-Ready-made first-aid kit are great but are cheezy grab one but I would just go to the boo boo isle and grab some of the basics.
-Stake knives and mouse traps

End of post song has to be! ....




  1. that's a celever and useful work. thanks from Turkey

  2. Ready as I will ever be- at this end! (Thanks to folks like You!)

    1. I am learning from them to. It is an on going thing. The more you learn the better off you and your people will be,

  3. You just gave "freak out" instructions on How to Hoard! Nice job.
    So. . if you can't get that Cash first, how do you buy $2000 worth of stuff?

    Start NOW, buy 2, use 1. Repeat. In 6 months you will have a nice stockpile.

    Don't be a last minute hoarder.

    1. You are right. But lets say we have people who just started prepping and something happened today? They do not have 6 months to get ready. You and I and most seasoned preppers are ready. But there are many folks that are just starting. Yes you need the cash. And no I think in many situations you will have a small window to get stuff. It really depends on what happens.

  4. (get nickles and dime and penny's)...nickels and pennies...tell me, why do you want nickels and pennies? I know the answer. I want to see if you do.

    1. I actually have the girl at work get me a rolls of nickles every time she goes to the bank. Why you ask because they are still made of nickle and copper. And are worth more than their value. Some with a lot of pennies. Some say go for quarters and dime because you may get silver ones. Not really now a days that is a rear find.