May 2, 2015

Make the Pain Stop!

Ramblings of a hurting women. 
Ha and I mean rambling I just re read it and it made me laugh

Ok so I just went through some major surgery. 
But what can I learn from it? 

I am in major pain. I personally do not like taking pain killers they make my stomach ill. But lets just say that I have a major wound and I have no pain killers. It made me think what would I do if there are no doctors around. Because pain like this needs to be dealt with.

First would be to keep the wound clean. Because getting a wound clean hurts at first, but after it does make it feel a bit better.

Water and clean bandages and some kind of an antiseptic.
First aid kits musts...bandages...and guest what guys women's pads are sanitary.  And great for large wounds...and a cheaper than bandages that are equal to them.  And go to the dollar store and get some neosporin and tape. You are better with witch hazel than rubbing alcohol it is less painful for cleaning wounds. Iodine is really the best stuff to have to clean a wound and it is cheap so grab some of that.

OK but here is a surprise one,  hemorrhoid cream get the kind with benzocaine. or Anbesol Maximum has it to 20%. But the hemorrhoid cream seems to last longer. But it is a great numbing med  It is gentile on your wound. Our Canadian Prepper have it even better the can get Hemorrhoid cream with  Bio-Dyne/  You can not get this in the us. It is actually a healing yeast. ****but banned in the USA) .........And do not forget iodine. Been used for decades and works the best. .

Then the pain. I am sitting here and thinking what the fudge would I do if I had to heal from a wound this bad in a SHTF situation. I would lose my mind. Or I can have some pain pills in my first aid kit. But what if those are gone.
I personally feel that marijuana is the best and safest pain killer.  Vicodin do the same thing, but have to be made. And will be hard to get right off the get go. MJ can be grown and has the same benefit and then some.

Because it is not legal in most states it will be hard to get if something happens right now. If you have that "friend" see if they can get you some seeds for your first aid kit.

It is the ONLY natural herb that controls pain without becoming addictive.  You can go with poppy's for pain but it is very addictive. Alcohol is a great antiseptic but for pain it thins the blood while getting rid of the pain, but is better than nothing.

My list of smoke-able herbs Click Here  has some herbs that will take the edge off in a tea form. You can get the extracts of them at many health food stores; so grab some while you can for your first aid kit...I would also make sure to have the seeds in my seed bank for them..Some are hard to find. I have started growing some in my garden.  Many come back every year and are pretty in the yard. So why not plant them.

Any way that's it...remember I wrote this while medicated and decided to post it anyway, cuz it does make sense.

Song for this post is Ramones - I Wanna Be Well

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