Wednesday, January 28

Vertigo - Home remedies

Ok I was down this past year because of being crazy busy but I also had bad vertigo that needed to get under control.  I personally am taking meds for it now. But it got me to thinking what if something happens, the meds I am taken are a compound (which means they make them just for me). So it is not like anyone will have this med for trade. I had to start learning about how to handle it without the meds.

 First I am going to start with what I found strangely works the best for me. ( I still need the meds but I can go without them form time to time when doing the 3 things below.)

- MAKE SURE TO STAY HYDRATED!!! At all times!!!!!!!!!

These eye exercises have been working like a charm! If you have vertigo I suggest this as the #1 best thing ever!!! And yes they seem corny!
-Eye exercises - I know this seems so lame, but I have severe vertigo and this is the one thing that stops a spell from happening.  Now it may take a bit of time, but better than being down for a few hours. And if you do this daily a few times basic vertigo may even go away.

 Also you have the standard moments for basic vertigo. Now these are even more lame but again they do help.

What are the Natural Remedies
There are several natural remedies to cure vertigo. I have tried everything and these are the ones that do help. Cure no, but help.
  • Stay Hydrated- It is important to drink at least eight glasses of water. For a more effective vertigo remedy, soak a tablespoon of coriander seeds in a glass of water and leave overnight. The next morning, strain water and drink. Similarly a mixture of black pepper, lemon juice and salt water also helps. Another common natural remedy to cure vertigo is to soak almonds, pumpkin seeds, a tablespoon of poppy seeds, and three tablespoons of wheat. Leave these overnight. The following day grind this mixture into a fine powder, while frying some butter with half a spoon of cloves. Add the fine powder and a cup of milk to the pan and bring to a boil. Drink this once a day to help negate symptoms. 
  •  Ginger-When taken during an attack, it is said to offset symptoms within minutes. (This is some I do use). good to have in your garden.
  • Then you have Ginkgo Biloba- And it works great but it is not cheap and it is not something you can grow easily in many places 
  • No Jerky Movements- If you have vertigo you all ready know this but it is worth stressing it. If you feel that feeling take it slow and start doing the eye exercises above. And grab a glass of water and sip on that.
  • Focus- This is something that also helps me. A friend that was a bartender taught me this one. He said that when folks drank to much he would have them do this so that they would not get sick...and strangely it works for vertigo to. When you feel the onset of an attack, focus on a stationary object around you etc. Focusing on a fixed point sends visual cues to the brain, allowing it to balance appropriately, stopping the dizziness.
  • Diet- Eat vitamins and protein rich foods. (now you know why I did this post on high protein foods Click Here).   In addition add shavings of lime (or lemon) peel to your salad. This helps combat the spinning sensation. Also avoid caffeine, chocolates, fried foods, iced teas, and excess salts.
  • Breathing exercises and meditation also help.

 Also remember vertigo can be a sign of something else so see a doctor for it if it continues. 

And here is a pdf of things to lookout for Click here

 Ok my song for this post....tell me you did not see this one coming.  U2 - Vertigo

Tuesday, January 27

Herb of the week

First herbs of the week post...I will be posting an herb of the week every Tuesday. I find it is easy to remember things like this when you get them in small doses,

AMARA DULCIS or Bitter Sweet

Description - Amara Dulcis, or Bitter Sweet is also call Mortal, Woody Nightshade, Felon wart. Its Woody stalks grow to the height of a man. The leaves fall at the approach of winter, and spring out again from the same stalk in the spring.
Click Here for its uses 
songs for this post is Dr. Yang - Ben Folds

Frostbite- prevent and heal



I am re-posting this because we have 5o mile per hour winds and the temp is feeling below 0  and I look out my window and my neighbor was in PJ pants a t shirt and a towel over his shoulders......shoveling 2 feet of snow???? 

Dang it is freak'n cold out were I am...I am talking below 0!! 
On that note ... is is good to know how to deal with frostbite. I can here some of you saying it never gets that cold were I am at.... we are preppers and remember you never know were you may end up in times of crisis. It is good practice to have some knowledge of it.
Frostbite is when the skin cells become damaged. Sometimes it can be restored sometimes not.
It can take only minutes to get frostbite!! Minutes! When the temp goes below 20 degrees and you have a good wind blowing you need to make sure your feet, toes ears and hands a covered properly! These are the parts of the body that many forget about and end up getting in trouble with.

We all remember the scene in Mr Deeds....well that is what frostbite looks like!


Warning signs: If you start to feel number or even the area starts to feel hard and frozen. You may even have a white or grayish color (see pic above) then you need to get warm NOW!

PDF Facts about frostbite    Click Here
Check every half hour or so for signs of frost bite!! It can sneek up on you!

How to dress:
  • Light, loose, layered clothing provides both ventilation and insulation. Top your outfit with a water-repellent fabric. Remember water repellent not water proof...because water proof can make you sweat and that sweat in you clothing is not a good thing!!
  • Mittens are warmer than gloves, and two pair of socks (wool over lightweight cotton) will help keep your feet warm.
  • If you get wet, get inside and remove the wet clothing as quickly as possible.

OMG you have frostbite  now what???
  • Get to a warm room as soon as possible and call for help if you can. 
  • Drink teas and chick or beef broth.
  • Take off any wet or restrictive clothing.
  • remove all your jewelry, helps with get the circulation going again.  
  • Rest the effected areas, do not walk on frostbitten feet, and elevate them slightly.
  • Warm the area by immersing it in warm (NOT HOT) water  30 to 45 minutes, or until it feels warm and sensation returns. During warming, you may feel severe pain and the injured area may swell and change color.
  •  Leave blisters intact, and cover them with a sterile or clean cloth until you are seen by a physician.
Do not!!!!.....        
  • do not do anything that will further injure the frostbitten tissue. 
  •  No Alcohol- that is a myth it DOES NOT HELP IT MAKE IT WORSE!
  • no rubbing the area with your hands, with snow, or with anything else.
  •  do not start to warm the affected area if there is any chance that it will be exposed to the cold again. 
  • NO!  dry heat, such as from a heating pad, sunlamp, fire, or radiator, to try to warm the area.    Because the skin is numb and will not feel the heat, it can easily be burned.   


A few herbal remedies to help treat it.  

Keep in mind there are two different things that would need to be treated, stopping infection from setting in and the frostbite it self..(olden day amputation may have been the only option and still is)

-Aloe is an antiseptic, antibacterial, anti inflammatory and has been known to have reqenerative properties. Just apply to the area and cover with sterile cloth.

- Simple witch hazel helps with both as well, same thing apply to the area and cover

- Potato ...ou can squeeze the juice of the potato right on the area or you can boil it water and pour that into a tub to soak in
- Massage the affected area with camphor oil if the frostbite is not severe.
- Cucumber help restore the skin blend and spread the pulp as you would a cream.
- Apply a cold mashed onion poultice. 
-Horsetail can help rebuilding skin tissues because of its silica content. Silicic acids form collogen. 
- Cayenne pepper pour a cup of boiling water onto a half to one teaspoon of cayenne and infuse for 10 minutes. A tablespoon of this infusion should be mixed with hot water and taken when needed to improve circulation.
You can also use ginger or radishes 

A few other things

-Soda Bottle: Warm frozen toes by filling up a 1- to 2-liter soda bottle with hot water and rolling it back and forth underneath your feet

- Hot and Cold Compresses: Alternate between a hot compress (as hot as you can stand it) and ice cold compress to treat frostbitten skin. Apply a hot compress for three minutes followed by a cold compress for 30 seconds. Repeat three times each – ending with the cold compress.

 -After the initial treatment of frostbite, bathe affected body parts in warm water to increase circulation and aid the healing process.


    I am so feeling this song right now!!!