Apr 22, 2015

Sorry no post this week

Got some surgery and hurting more then I could of ever thought. So I have a few filler post and some re-posts but nothing new for the week. Healing fast. Get results next week to see if we got all the cancer. And Radiation is going to happen.  And I hope this make sense cuz I ended up taking the pain meds...that usually make me sick but I am one hurt'n unit!
So promise next week...but I am popping on the net every so often because I am bored as heck.

Apr 21, 2015

Herb of the Week Chickweed


 Chickweed (Stellaria media (L.))

 Chickweed grows in a unique, intertwined manner, and it has small white star-shaped flowers hence its Latin name, Stellaria media


Apr 20, 2015

Monday Movie - Futute Earth

 Humanity is at a crossroads! on this 2015 documentary we will try to predict what will happened in the future: Nearly half of the Amazon rainforest has been deforested, Hi-tech, intelligent buildings are revolutionizing the urban landscape, Smaller, safer, hi-tech automobiles, Major advances in air travel comfort etc..