Dec 30, 2012

Home Remedies for Eye care (including pink eye and stye's)

Home remedies for pink eye, stye's and eye irritations are close at hand for effective cures. As a person with eye issues I have learned them all over the years. I have used many of the things below.

 Herbal eye-washes have been used for eye problems over the years. They always made sure the teas made were stained and cooled before using them.  Remember a small piece of matter from an herb or a microscopic grain of sand, or water contaminates can cause more harm than good. If you must use a homemade eye-wash, straining through doubled coffee filters should help remove damaging particles. 
All compress should be used only fifteen minutes per hour and at the least fifteen minutes four times a day. With pink eye and stye's I would start with a warm compress. But with irritations you start with cold compresses the first day or two and then start warm compresses. I like my eye washes room temperature.

Willow bark is an aspirin so chewing that will help with some of the swelling

First  the bugs causing infection are sensitive to heat plus;  heat helps increase blood flow in the eyes and thus rinses the eye of toxins. So a good old fashion water compresse can work for most eye irritations.

Reminder: Do not rub eyes, wash hand before touching eyes, do not put pressure on eyes


And my most used remedy is with salt. A cup of water,  add  a forth of a teaspoon of salt, and it  works wonders. They say to boil it first,  but I just use warm water and stired. and used it as an eye wash.  But....... I have read that adding a teaspoon of powdered charcoal with the salt, boiling and then staining makes a great eye drop. They say use 4 or 5 drops a day. Also you can use baking soda instead of the salt.

You can use any of the following for pink eye....chamomile, elde berry blossoms, fennel seeds, dandelion, parsley or burdock root, can all be boiled in water, strained (or you can wrap the boiled herbs in a cloth) and cooled and used as a compress and an eye wash.  Even marigold has strong anti septic and anti inflammatory properties. Marigold extract can cure pink eye fast and effectively.

Pine bark extract....ok I have just learned about this one so you will have to do a little research on this one but they say it is and herb that helps improve your vision, help with glaucoma...even cancer and diabetes.   I would go to the health food store and see what they have (drops, pill and liquid extracts) I plan on doing more reserch on this one...will post when I get it all

Honey! use a few table spoons in boiling water. Cool. Use that mixture as an eye wash to help reduce infection in your eyes (and small wounds) It is a anti bacterial.  In fact my uncle got me some amazing honey from New Zealand because of its health benefits. And they say  it has been reported that the Egyptiansused a few drops of RAW honey in the eyes to help with cataracts


Ladies know this one already, potatoes, cucumbers on the eye help with irritation. I always thought it was because it was cool, but it is because they contain a natural astringent.
A clay mask will help with reducing swollen eyes and soothes them to.

If you are a prepper you know that warm milk help with eyes ( milk for mace irritation). But it also help with pink eye. Even try yogurt. Try a piece of cold bread on your eye while your at it.

Turmeric is a natural antibiotic and steroid and thus harmless. Add two table spoons of turmeric powder to a cup of boiled water and use it as an eye compress for quick relief from pink eyes. Or you can make eye drops by mixing one tsp turmeric powder in 2 cups of water. Use this at least three times a day till the swelling subsides.

Song for this post has to be one of my fav's  The Who - Behind Blue Eyes


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  8. My little niece is always getting stye's. I'm not sure what to do to help her so, of course, I decided to check online. I think that these home remedies would really help for caring for her vision. It probably wouldn't hurt to go to an optometrist as well.

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  10. This is kind of cool. I'll have to keep it in mind next time I have pink eye, because last time was terrible. I didn't know what it was, and so I didn't know how to treat it. Now I can come here for future reference.

  11. My nephew currently has pink eye so I've been trying to figure out what I can give him to help with it until we can take him to the doctor tomorrow. I think I may try using the tumeric compress first. You say to use it three times a day, so would it be bad to use it more times than that?

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  15. I have tried home remedies for eye problems, but never seem to get results. My little brother has an eye ache, so we are looking to take him to an eye doctor. Hopefully they will be able to diagnose the problem and fix it.

  16. Wow, I never realized that you could use honey for pink eye. I just got over it last week, and it was so painful. My eyes kept watering like crazy every time that I would keep them open for more than a couple of seconds. I'm going to talk to my eye doctor to see if he has any other recommendations about how to treat pink eye.

  17. I had no idea there were so many herbal and home remedies to help symptoms like these. My mom gets pink eye all of the time. I think that she would try them if they didn't occur so often. She always goes and gets it checked out the second she starts to feel the symptoms of one.

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