Dec 22, 2012

Minor burn treatment (home remedy) and Merry Christmas!

Yes I am the queen of kitchen accidents. And I having to be the one that cooks for Christmas, I am going to get at least one burn over the next week. STOP LAUGHING!!

So this makes a great topic for my Christmas post.

This is for minor burns.

First remove what ever caused the burn from the skin and remove clothes or jewelry that maybe in the area of the burn. Place the area in water right away (not icy!) room temp. Apply an anesthetic and wrap in gauze or bandaid.  If in pain now is the time to take ibuprofen or aspirin. If there is a blister do not break because that can lead to infection.

Some home remedies are:

Honey or yogurt  can help with the burns healing. Aloe vera does to.

 But did you know that a piece of onion over the burnt area really helps with stopping the pain! Or try pouring diluted vinegar on it, this  helps it heal faster.

Or what about applying egg whites, that truly helps!

And my fav. soaking it in milk....ahhhh trust it brings relief!

I remember my grams saying to put butter on it...the few times I did that it hurt like HECK! not sure why she did that. 

So I am keeping this post short but have a SAFE Christmas everyone. God bless you all.

Little know fact... I can play the flute so I love Tull!! So I have a few songs for this post ....

Jethro Tull- Jack Frost and the Hooded Crow


Jethro Tull- Birthday Card at Christmas 


Jethro Tull- Ring Out Solstice Bells

Jethro Tull- Another Christmas Song




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  1. Such a great topic for Christmas post, thanks for the useful tutorial, hoping that someday I will read more herbal blend to stay healthy.