Mar 25, 2015

Things you can make with Cattail

While doing research on on cattails for medical and edible uses for my herb section
I learned that this is an amazing survival plant. Starting from the fact the different parts taste different, from cucumber to corn to asparagus taste. The roots can be made into flour. and the list goes on. Its medical uses are amazing to.

But to my surprise the other uses the plant has are very useful in survival...the Indians took full advantage of it and in a survival situation this can come in handy.

First you can go here to read about its medical and edible uses
Click Here

The fluff from the fully bloomed flower head is water repellent  it can be used in bedding and as winter insulation in clothes and shoes.


This can be made into green and brown paper

It is still used as weaving on furniture 
My gram has a very old set of chairs that have the original weaving and used daily. That is had strong it is.

You can make fish and crab traps out of it.

Cattail cord used for fishing (this one is a video)

What about roof tops if you layer it and mud it it could be really soild.

Mats for the inside of your shelter

Cattail baskets

Walls and window covers


the mature flower makes great touches and tinder

Indians made toys for their kids

Cover bottles to given them some insulation..(and make them pretty)

An old Indian vest, so you can make some clothing stuff from them

Flip flops and shoes

Hunting decoys

Song for this post has to be Pussywillows, Cat-Tails |-Gordon Lightfoot


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