Mar 21, 2015

Do you have the Prepper mindset?

If something happened are you ready to handle
 it mentally and physically??

Here are a few important things that can keep you alive.

Always be prepared for the worst (everywhere you go)
My friends call me a worry wart. I am not.  I am a person that likes to expect the unexpected.  If traveling I learn the route. I learn were places are in the city I am at. PD, FD, and even a place to use as shelter. Where are the food warehouses even.  I always have a bugout bag. And the list goes on. They say that I am stressing over nothing. Again it is not stressing,  it is making sure I am ready for the just in case.  And once you get in the habit of doing it, it takes no time at all for the extra effort.
AND MAKE SURE TO ALWAYS HAVE YOUR GO BAG WITH YOU! If you can not then at the least have some basics on your person. (even if it is an Altoids kit )

But there is a such a thing as  real fear
The key to fear is managing it....that simple. Ok not simple but it can be done. This is when you have a situation….and you are really scared!!  This can be a good thing… adrenaline kicks in and so do your human instincts.  If you have done the above….you are ready to roll with it. Let your instincts do the driving. I grew up in the city so I have a thick skin. So I can handle most things (except clowns).
PDF with some ideas on how to get over come fears  Click Here (a little corny but it works)


Real Fear has taken over and you can not seem to shack it
You can always have that fear factor that stops you dead in your tracks. You can NOT let this happen.  Learning to SUCK IT UP (as my dad use to say) it is a skill.  You learn it in sports and in public situations where you are the focus.  If you feel you are a person that can not handle public situations now is the time to try to put yourself in them. Get use to being out on that limb. This will help you avoid the fear factor that can mean life or death.

Learn how to control your reactions 
This is a very important skill if a disaster happens. I know at the time of the event it may not be so easy…but you have to learn to take that deep breath and THINK!

KNOW your surroundings 
This is kinda the same as always be prepared 
No matter where I am , I always give the place a good look around. Hotels, partys, even the grocery store . Know all the exits in any building you go into. Know where the fire extinguishers are, Windows, do they open?
 If it is out doors…take a look at a Google map even print one out so you have it just in case you get lost.  Even go as far as to learn some of the local edibles.  These are simple things that can make all the difference.

Take the situation seriously!
To many times people think, it will be ok. No big deal. And it just may be no big deal. Look at Storm Sandi. It took so many people off guard even though they were doing warnings on the TV days ahead of it. And many were unprepared.  Even in a building situations people will wait to be told what to do? They will have their cell phones out taking video ect.  We have seen this in building disasters. (and I get having to follow the rules so that there is not a stampede effect) but at the moment that you know something is going wrong, you are the only person that is in charge of how you react. And if they say go to this location FEMA has set up a camp......think really hard if you really want to do that.

Health, I realize some people may not be the most fit or healthiest. But working on that now can save your life. Go to the doctors, take care of anything you may have been putting off. Minor surgery, ect.  And take a few moments everyday to push yourself to do that one more you are super healthy and need to add a mile to a run, or if you are unhealthy or medically challenged and go up those few extra stairs.  The idea is to learn to push yourself, so when the time comes you will have that mindset already at work.  Any direction forward is a good thing. Maybe even cut one cup of coffee out, or that regular snack. The healthier you are the better off you will be.

Pdf on how to start getting healthy in baby steps Click Here  Again another corny on but a few sound suggestions

Surviving on the go
I to often  here preppers saying I will be fine, I have a stockpile and this and that. That is great but reality is if you have to run or get caught in a place where you can not make it home could you live of the land?  I take this one the most seriously. Because if something happens I will be running as far away from fema help and take my chances on my own. Learning how to recognize wild edibles, how to hunt for small animals, make shelters and defend yourself are going to be the most important skills you will have ever learned. Learning to find things like an alternators to make wind power...could you do that? siphoning gas? Making weapons to defend yourself?  These are all things we should have some basic understanding about.

I Have a good list of how to pdf Here
Worth learning from them or printing them out and keeping them in a binder
or downloading them on some thumb drive to at least have them if you need them.

Sorry in advance for this song :) but how could I not choose it.

Song for this post has to be Staying Alive - Bee Gee

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