Mar 28, 2015

Many Ways to Stop Bleeding (or fix big boo boo's)

Lets first start with.... if the wound is really large you need to go to the doctors or find medical help.

-If it is a wound you can handle or have no choice but to handle the first thing you need to   do is clean the wound the best you can.

-Try holding the wound closed and see if butterflying it with a bandage or tape does the trick..and elevate it if you can to.

If this does not work then here are a few things that have worked.  

**Many astringent herbs when applied externally to stop bleeding are called styptics or anti-hemorrhagic for internal bleeding.

To start with here are  a few things that you can use 

Acorn meal -  Aloe Vera -   - Cinnamon powder  - Geranium - Goldenrod root powder  - Horsetail  - Lady’s Mantle  - Marigolds  - Mugwart Dry  - Oak Bark powdered  -  - Paprika  - Pine sap  - Plantain crushed  - Shepherd's Purse  - Stinging Nettle  - White Vinegar -  Witch Hazel

Here are a few more:

Black Pepper
We'll start with the popular black pepper. This only works on small and medium wounds. Black pepper is an antibacterial. It is known to help blood coagulate. This can stop bleeding. In fact it was used for just this purpose before our modern styptics came along. Chefs still use it.
You would pour a good amount on the wound, apply pressure or a tight bandage and the bleeding should stop fast.

Cayenne Pepper
Lets talk about Cayenne Pepper, . And a tea reduce internal bleeding, One teaspoon in a cup of water (only do this if it is a SHTF situation!)
A wound, external or internal, will stop bleeding if the individual drinks a cup of water (preferably hot) with a teaspoon of cayenne pepper (red pepper) stirred into it. The bleeding will stop generally by the time a person can count up to ten after drinking the cayenne tea. The cayenne equalizes the blood pressure from the top of the head to the feet. This keeps the pressure from the hemorrhage area so it will clot naturally, which it cannot do with heavy blood pressure pumping the blood rapidly at the hemorrhage area.

Of coarse! Wrap a small wound with honey and yep it will stop it from bleeding. And the kicker is that the wound mixed with honey actually creates a form of hydrogen peroxide!
But mix honey and Cayenne Pepper for larger wound and it may just surprise you how fast it stops bleeding.  

Finely ground clean moss
I stress clean. Some moss's are better than others.
Dry moss finely ground will stop bleeding and some moss even has a form of penicillin in it. If you do not or can find dry moss to grind. The top part of the moss can be placed on the wound and wrapped it will stop bleeding and help keep the wound clean. 

Is a great wound healer, it is sterilize because of the heat that creates it. It will also disinfect the wound.  Remember lye is made from ash. 

 Turmeric does the same, but personally I do not have this in my herbal medical stash. 

 "The nosebleed herb" got its name for that very reason the leaves act like an astringent swab. But for wounds you just crush the leaves and same as above apply pressure till it stops bleeding. ( I have tons of yarrow....just cuz it is pretty and grows like crazy.)

Purple coneflower  and other species of echinacea has been used for at least 400 years by Native Americans to treat infections and wounds.

Next my moms favorite boo boo fix. Salt!!  When we had a cut my mom would take us to the beach and have us stay in the helped heal them faster and kept them from getting infected.  But right now we are talking wound care. Soaking a small wound in salt water will stop the bleeding and help heal it.
I am a big fan of salt. It really does heal, and it heals fast. Also keeps infections at bay.

Garlic power
YAAAA ohhhhh...Can't forget about da garlic! Garlic power is the real deal, same as above apply to the wound and then apply pressure. (I grew up in little Italy so garlic HEALS EVERYTHING! kinda like salt does).  

Flour or Cornstarch 
You just  place on a wound and it will stop it from bleeding. They will basically absorb the blood and stop the bleeding

Next is gram's trick, coffee. Never really bought into that one. But while doing my research it appears others say it works to. Just apply the grinds to the wound (the finer the better). 
She has to be sending me the the "I told ya so vibe right now".

absorbs all the moisture and blocks the blood from coming out of the infected area. - See more at:

Tea Bags
They say tea bags...but I have tried it on a small cut and it did not work...I of course grabbed the salt water and bam...I was good.

Ok now we go a little astray ....Glass,  yes glass. Not broken glass but a bottle or a window. Glass is known for electro-negatively charged surface. It helps in the stopping the blood by activating the clotting process of the blood vessels.  Ok I have done this...not because I thought it would stop the bleeding but because it was cool and took some of the pain away..and the bleeding did stop...did the glass do it? I don't know.

Cattail pollen 
You can put the pollen on the wound and or drink in cold water.  Or the ash from the leaves will stop bleeding. This will help stop bleeding and bonus to this plant is that there in a numbering agent that grows on the plant to. Click here  to learn about the plant and what part of the plant the numbing agent is.

Spider Web
Ok and I read about the spider web..and saw it on duel survival...well not sure how or if there are webs available that are big enough for most wounds. But hey ya never know.

Chapstick, or vasaline.
If you put that on a small cut it will immediately stop bleeding bythe time it rubs off the cut will have stopped bleeding. For small wounds.

Crazy Glue
 Dermatologists and urgent care physicians use this why shouldn't you? What they use is called Dermabond. (it is almost the same but it is a little more flexible).  this is for cuts and gashes not full open wounds.

The perfect song for this post is  Garbage - Bleed Like Me

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