Feb 7, 2015

My electric scooter and car jump starter?

Some times you have to think outside the Prepper box

Ya I can here you all laughing now! 
But this could be a good prepper item.

I love my little electric scooter. It fits nicely in a folding chair bag so you can carry it over your shoulder. It goes 10 to 15 mph. And it is small enough for Faraday set ups.

 Soooo....***wavey lines wavey lines*** I am going into story mode.....

I go to a really large music festival every year, 20,000 people camping on the beach for 4 day of amazing music 24/7.  But going back and forth to the different stages and the camp site gets exhausting. Don't get me wrong the walking is along the beach so it is a lovely walk...but if you forget something and you have to make that trip back it is a pain in the ass. 

Bikes are great to but to cumbersome when you are at one of these things. 

So I decided to buy one of these little electric scooters....It was perfect for me. ...but then there was the issue of power to keep this thing going. (it still is a regular scooter without power so I could always just scoot) . But this bad boy when going runs 10 miles an hour.

So I charged up my car jumper and packed my mini car inverter and off I went.

And it worked better than I could of imagined. With one single charge on my car jumper...I was able to light the camp site...mix daiquiri's with a small blender, curl my hair with a curling iron,  keep all the phones charged and keep this thing running the whole time...it was used by everyone all week for ice runs, to picking up people from other camp sites down the beach...our man friends used it to pick up ladys in distress. So in the end it was a success!

I promise there is a point to all of this.....bare with me.

Soooo  I was at one of the solar sites (it is also a festival about going green) and the guy looked at me and pulled out his scooter.  One difference, he modified it.  He had a small solar panel mounted to the front Solar Panel Charger for a Scooter Battery that is12V .  Said it runs just as good and  never has to worry about running out of a charge!!  He trumped me for sure! I loved it!

Maybe not as cool as this one. But mine with solar cost a total of $130 and this one is $1700!  And mine is a hell of a lot lighter...and if you want a wider standing surface you can always add a board.

So why am I telling you all of this??? Because I am a prepper....and this thing has possibility's.

Remember,  some times you have to think out of the box when it comes to prepping.

Thanks for reading this long winded one 

Song for this post is going to be a classic one  John Lennon - Watching The Wheels\



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