Oct 21, 2012

Economic Collapse Timeline


I prepare for economic collapse. We all have our own reasons but mine is the state of our country's finances. Watching other  country's and the sitatuons that are happening there are of concern to me. Spain, Portugal, France, Russia 

Every time I go to the store, I see the prices of thing going higher, my bills going higher, my heathcare cost going higher and my paycheck is in no way going up as fast. I am not the only one.

The price of many things have doubled in a years time. They are NOT going down! This is why an investment in your kitchen cabinet may make you more money than putting it in the bank.

Ex: $50 worth of toilet paper bought 2 years ago is now worth $100.....That is double your money in two years! 3 years ago I could get 2 bags of pasta for $1 at a local store. That same store now sells the same pasta for $1 a bag.

More and more people are now growing vegtables why??? Look at the chart below.

Coffee WELL TALK ABOUT GOLD!  If you can get it cheap it stays good for years! Why not beat the inflation or the lack of supply. 

Nothing up my sleeve: That's what I call it.....maybe some prices have not gone up...BUT THE SIZE GOT SMALLER!! All signs that this is not getting better soon.

Now not every one is going to agree with this; but if cost keeps going up the average person is not going to be able to feed their family. GET AHEAD OF IT.  spend $10 -$20 a week extra and buy these very products that have a shelf life and we all know will go up in price over the next few years and you will double that investment. Can you get rich this way NO! but can you slow down the effects of inflation on your family...YES and that can save you from sinking.

Here is a great link CLICK HERE and look on the left hand side....scroll down and click on something...it will show you the market price on it....just gives you a little more insight. If you check it out it also gives you a clue on when it is the cheaper time of year to stock up on products.

And when NPR post a story like this...that has to be a warning. CLICK HERE

For this post I am not going to do a song but a time line to at the least pay attention to!!!



  1. Watch wine prices, though - Europe produces 60% of wine worldwide and is suffering record drought. Calls for a "global wine shortage" - http://www.businessinsider.com/bofa-a-global-wine-shortage-is-imminent-2012-5

  2. Great link Dustin! I actually planted wine grapes. Hope to see them next year! There are all kinds of food shortages all over it is totally getting crazy!

    Time to stock up on the wine :) In my area we have this great Italian restaurant distributor that also sell 5 gallon buckets of wine juice ready to ferment and just needs to be go though the staining process ect. (it is the cheap and cheater way of making wine :) I may run there and grab a few buckets. Muscat is my favorite! And you get it now and it is will be an amazing xmas present for next year!