Oct 21, 2012

Sunday Totally Digging

 Its another Sunday! And who am I digging this week. I have had the Flu all week long and blahhhh still am fighting it :(  So when I came on this morning I noticed that Pinterest folks really supported my blog while I was in bed! So this weeks thank you is going to them. 

Totally digging is my way of saying thanks for linking back to my page. Check them out!

So today's totally digging goes out to..... I am still down so I am in no way posting every one  BUT THANK YOU TO ALL!!! (hopefully will get everyone a thank you over the next few weeks)


Belliacres - Self Reliance, Preparedness & Homesteading - Click Here 

 yjennings - Outdoors/Emergency Preparedness/Camping/Survival Stuff/Info- Click Here

Jasmyn - Homesteading/survival -Click Here 

Bridget - Outdoors/survival/emergencies  - Click Here

 Sue - Emergency Preparedness/Survival - Click Here

 Carolyn -GARDENING / PLANTS - Click Here

Davilyn - My study projects / Natural Medicines Click Here

of course the continued support of Prepper Website and all the great stuff I learn from other Bloggers!


Ok I usually do a Thank You song but...blahhhhhh I a still sick as a dog so I am doing a Sick song and needing hugs here!! 




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