Oct 11, 2012

Potty talk and an herb to know.


THIS IS ANOTHER fall harvest...you can still find these so grab them if you do!

Just a quick post on the uncomfortable topic of  potty issues. If times get hard, your eating habit may change a lot. Even just the stress associated with hard times can make ones stomach go into payback mode. Yep Diarrhea.

And it is not just the comfort issues but the fact that it dehyrates you when you have it. So to get it under control is very important.

 I have come across many herbs that help with it. But many of my post I always try to remember you can be on the go. And may need to find stuff along the road....this is one of those common invasive weeds.


The  ONE amazing wild flower found everywhere that will make life better,  is called" White Everlasting" or Pearly Everlasting. 

All you do is take a hand full of the flowers and leave and put them in a half quart of boiling water. Boil it till it is down to half that.  Strain and add  and equal amount of milk. (powdered if that is all you have;   if not the flower tea alone will at least help) get that to a good boil. And you have the best sure thing med. (add sugar to sweeten the taste if needed)  All you will need is a half teaspoon.Without the milk drink half cup of the tea. 

I mention this now because this is another FREE now growing weed to add to your herbal medicine jars. Pick hang and dry for 3 weeks...and save the flowers and leaves for later use.

But also remember a citrus fruit,  even a pine needle or rose hip tea (which my neighbor no longer has any on her rose bushes after this week because someone picked them all, shhhh it was me), or water with a pinch of salt to keep the dehydration a bay is important to.

These are some other non cultivated herbs that can help on the go with ....you know what.
  • Blackberry Root
  • Inner bark of oak trees (oak trees acorns also produce a penicillin mold)
  • Wild strawberry's
  • Wild grape leaves
  • Wild cherry
  • The bark of the dogwood
  • and  orange milkweed (the milk of) Extra note this plant was first discovered and named literally right out side my front door! And can be found every where in one form or another.

are all useable in a tea....if you let these ferment...they are also useful for dysentery.

Ok playing with the words a bit for this song post (running :)  so I am going with
Lenny Kravitz - Where are we running

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