Oct 5, 2012

Goldenrod time- Uses for it


If you have not yet started an herbal medical garden, it is never to late.  As I stood at a community BBQ with my eyes tearing from the lovely hay fever from the goldenrod plant...my prepper mind was at work.  One of your autumn time harvest items.

Gather up some goldenrod now while it is in bloom. Hang and let it dry around 3 weeks. Once dry break off the leaves and flowers and jar or zip lock them for later use. For some of you this will be your first of many to come medicinal plants. This is an easy one, why not start collecting them now? Its FREE.

For generations it has been used to treat kidney stones, urinary infections, bladder inflammation, many digestive issues. It also helps with colds, flu's sore throat and yes even hay fever and allergies!

American Indians would boil the leaves and use them as an antiseptic and astringent for wound healing. They also used it to help with arthritis rheumatism and eczema.

In Europe right now it is an approved medicine for bladder and kidney stone treatment. Because of its diuretic property's it helps to flush out urinary infections.

As a SYMPTOM REGULATING HERB it promotes the relief and comfort of pain and other troublesome symptoms. It prevents and counteracts decay .Goldenrod helps remove gas (and the related pain) from the digestive tract. A tea infused with goldenrod, can help reduce fever. This same application can be helpful in the treatment of painful menstruation.
Here in the US Blue Mountain tea (goldenrod tea) is used to treat fatigue and exhaustion.

Add 2 tablespoons of fresh leaves, or 1 of dried. per cup of water. Boil and let sit strain and serve to taste. 
Dosage: 2-3 cups per day for a week to 2 weeks (adding Echinacea and yarrow will help) I actually have yarrow growing on the road side near my house along with several other herbs that look pretty to passer bys.

Nose spray...yeap just make the tea and cool and use as a nose spray it helps with inflamation of the sinus's

As a REGENERATING HERB it is an astringent, goldenrod helps to shrink inflamed tissues. It promote the healing of damaged tissues.

 You can do the oil method. 2 cups of golden rod in one cup of oil, heat gently and uncover for an hour.  Strain the oil and save for later. or thicken up and add some beeswax to it and reheat and put it in a container as a cream. Of course you can use a lard if that is all you have.

Simply chewing on the leaves Native American use to do this to relive sore throats and tooth aches.

Warning: people that are pregnant have heart or major kidney problems should avoid this. It is only for minor alignments

Perfect song for this is.....  Blondie - Golden Rod


  1. what other wild herbs are you picking .

  2. snuck in my neighbors yard and gathered up her rose hips :) Wild mint, milk weed, burdock I managed to get some of my yarrow before the parks department cut it down, along with anise. I have not been out this week to see what else is out there but Chinese knot weed in at its last chance and chickweed root is ready and the flowers have already seeded for next year.

  3. Hi. I have been studying herbs & natural remedies for several years & want to give fellow preppers some advise. I strongly suggest buying 2 books; 1 about herbal remedies & 1 that identifies plants.
    Also, there is a plant called KRATOM that is very effective for pain. It works the same as a prescription pain medicine. I have tested this plant myself & found it to be very effective. If shtf this plant is def something you will want to have in case of severe injuries.

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