May 23, 2015

A few PVC Pipe How to's

Living in the city....saddly things go missing from your pouch and yard. So you always have to be think before you just leave stuff out. I did not think that my flag and flag pole was one of these things. After having 2 taken. I made a PVC pipe on and was able to secure it better the the pole. 

Getting to the point. My flag was getting old so I was changing it for the the holiday weekend it made me realize how wonderful PVC pipe it. All the things that can be done with it.

PVC Looms  Click Here for plans for the one in the pic
And Click Here for a simpler one

Survival Bow Click Here

Fishing Click Here

 Dart Gun Click Here

This one is for under water and is large but you can adjust the size to your needs
Supply Storage Click Here

but you can one up this and line it......and make it a Faraday tube
Click Here

ok I am totally doing this one! 
use them to extend your Pruner!!! or even to extend a paint roller 

I got this one from HERE he has some cool stuff

How To Make A PVC Water / Air / Vacuum Pump Click Here

Reverse Periscope with Live Video Feed Click Here

Or click here for a regular Periscope 

and of course all the different kinds of hydro gardens you can make
I like this one for my set up Click Here 
But look at all the ways you can do them Click Here

 Vertical Gardens Click Here

And lets not forget greenhouses...the bonus to using PVC is it make it little weight and portable if you have to move on. 

Boat   Click Here

 And for bugging out......
 you can even make cart, wagons and roof racks

and let for get bikes I am sure you can add a small motor to this to.

Song for this post is  Pipe Guy - House/Trance/Techno Live 

This guy it really good!

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