Jul 13, 2012

Uncommon things for your shtf Stockpile

 Survival Gear 

 Tin Foil – When first starting out all the the lady's would go crazy when there was a sale on Aluminum foil . Why I wondered. One explained it to me

-You can use it to cook food in on a fire
-You can make cups and bowls from it.
-you can sharpen you sissors and knifes with it
-it is a make shift Faraday cage
-you can attach it to tree branches to collect morning dew for water
-it attracts heat in the winter and keeps it in the house
-It enhances antennas
-You can make a solar oven with it
-steel wool to clean pans
-keeps things dry and is reusable
-rust remover
-repairs strippers treads on screws
-electrical repairs (wrap around blown fuse to get circuit going again)

the list goes on but needless to say this washable reusable product is worth having on hand.

Bicycle and Pump, Extra Tubes, etc
Depending on the situation a working bike may be the only form of transportation and being able to keep it going will be an important thing. You can get some of this stuff super cheap..and grab a few of those bulk trash bike to keep for parts.  

 Duct Tape
Every womens best friend 
-Use for emergency repairs to gear (tents, tarps, backpacks, rain gear, etc.
- Use for the emergency water-proofing of most items
 -Use in an emergency as a temporary restraining device.
- Use to seal an emergency shelter to help make it water-proof
- Use for emergency medical treatment (make splints, wrap sprains, secure bandages).
-Home Repairer- Roof, screens, drains, window  
- Making emergency temporary repairs to you vehicle
- Wrapping plastic water bottles to prevent cracking and leaking
-Mend shoes, help to insulate shoes
-Blister care
- Rope and a Clothesline 
- Survival arrow fletching Click here how to

 And tons of other things I am sure you can think of

Wire Saw
Here is a how to. I would make a few in put them in your go bags
Click Here

Dollar store knifes
Pick up a pack or two of these. They can be duct tape to a stick and be used for self defense, hunting and fishing 

Super Glue

-Vets use it to repair bones
-In Vietnam it was used to slow major wounds till they could get help
-It is water proof so the boat and fishing applications are endless
-In combination with duct tape you can repair tires and rafts
-rock climbers use it on their finger tips for a better grip and to protect them
-glueing a loose crown back in until you can get to the dentist (this I have done, make sure to clean well and dry the area)

a few other things worth grabbing if you can get them cheap 
 -Glow Bracelets/Sticks
 - pack of balloons ( water storage and floatation )
-cheap pie tins - make light weight pan for cooking

 -old school razor blades 
 -carry at least one mouse trap
- Axe heads
 -Signal Flare
-flip flops to wear to allow feet to breath and shoes to dry. 
 - petroljelley (waterproofer) and sorry but it is also a lice removal product with a small comb (truth it will happen in shtf situation
-dollar store inflatable rafts. (they are small you can sleep on and use for walls of make shift shelters and take up little room

Now the end of post song is.....DUCT TAPE! 

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