Jul 8, 2012

I am Sick (the need for penicillin)

I have had no posts because.... (of the holiday and it is summer time) but...
I have had an upper respiratory thing for 2 weeks now. In fact everyone in my office has had it. Everyone they know has it, and all their doctors are saying everyone has it, and they have no idea what it is and why.  My doc went as far as to do x-rays, and steroids.   Which was not the answer. The answer was penicillin. 

But as I listen to everyone's story's  I can not help think about the LARGE number of sick people with an almost month long phlegm issue. which can easily turn into something worse if not treated.

So I am urging people to understand the importance of penicillin in your stock pile. Remember 20-30 pills per person per illness. a family of 4 would need close to 100 pills for one illness. Penicillin is one of the cheapest easiest meds to get now.


Stockpile it

Read this articel Click Here. I have started stock piling this I get a bottle every other month. Now yes they maybe out dated come the time we need them but they will still work. You may just need to use more.

Here is a recipe on food.com that looks a little more yummy than the tea.

The teas is for shtf situations.


In the event the medical system collapses or the government does and the hospitals are swamped with dead or dying, antibiotics in a post disaster/war-torn environment will be worth more then gold. Here I will tell you how to make homemade penicillin tea which will be a life saver when someone becomes septic from a simple little scratch in a post modern medical society. First get some bread(preferebly wheat)and place it in a bag in a warm place. Once mold starts to form, tear it apart into smaller pieces but keep it together and let the mold cover all of the bread. Once it is covered in mold, break it apart and place it in a large pot with 2/3 full of water and put a lid on it. Now the water must be brought to 98 degrees roughly and kept there for about 3 days. A simple trick is use the sun, use a black pot and lid or spray paint it either or, and place it in the sun during the day (depending on your part of the world direct sunlight may cause the liquid to exceed 98F degrees killing the mold) then place it on a heating blanket, a heated stone from the fireplace which will have to be rotated out through the night or heating stone for reptile aquariums ect.... After 3 days you will have a dark brown stinky broth, now scoop out the larger bits and filter the rest through a towel or coffee filter. The brown liquid is a strong and nasty tasting penicillin tea. This can be stored in a cold cellar or frozen for later. If not frozen, ensure you filter it again should you need to use it cause more mold may have formed. Do not boil the mixture while making the tea, it will kill the mold that makes the penicillin, do not add sugar to try and hide the flavor which is quite nasty by the way as this will promote fermentation. Voila! penicillin tea! just drink 2 to 4 ounces every 4-6 hours until signs of improved health. This may take several days to get over a sickness, eating food and drinking plenty of water is crucial as energy for your body to fend off the ravages of the sickness. Also, you can boil spruce pine needles and make a pine tea in order to boost the immune system with vitamin C. Pine needles have up to 4 times more vitamin C then orange juice. That also helps stave off scurvy which makes your teeth fallout . 

NOTE* Ensure that at no point that it boils. The penicillin is a secretion of the mold and releases into the water slowly.


You really have to fight your gag reflex with it, you can dilute it with more water to help weaken the taste as long as they are drinking the amount needed the 2-4 ounce tea can be diluted in a quart and that should help greatly.

Don't take it unless you get really sick, otherwise you may just harden bacteria already in your system making them penicillin tolerant. Also you will want to store it away from sunlight, your best bet is to freeze it until you need it. Otherwise just place it in the fridge in an airtight container by filling it to the top while it is warm and putting the lid on it. Place it in the fridge not freezer and as it cools it will create a vacuum seal. If intend to place in the freezer then only fill it 2/3rds of the way so it can expand.

NOTE* Which source is better to make penicillin tea?  Bread, fruit or vegetable? The answer is bread (wheat bread to be exact), due to its increased surface area and the water's ability to get to the roots of the mold where penicillin is secreted. That and that fruit and vegetable molds can vary in type, some can give you gastrointestinal issues and fruit is more likely to make alcohol due to the fructose feeding the mold's fermentation

and the end song for this post will be

Dr Hook Penicillin Penny ok it is a VD song :) but it is about penicillin 

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