Aug 15, 2012

All work, no play in a shtf situation makes prepper a dul1 boy!


How to keep morale up! In times of trouble.

Ok so times are hard, you have your stockpile, you are foraging and farming. You are guarding and protecting. But you are still going to need to have a little fun. The people around you are going to need to have a little fun.

I am the person in my area that helps organize community events so this is something I have to do for a large groups of people with next to no cash. Now for this it is more than a day so I would say this is a definite challenge.

First think of what you do everyday. Me the one thing I would miss is vegging in front of the TV .
Look at the goodwill for .50 - $1.00 DVD's you will be able to watch those on a charged lap top or mini DVD player ...I am scouting for a cheap projector for the laptop, the cheapest they are right now are $70 Click Here   The other thought was to figure out a way to make a mirror projector box so everyone can enjoy a show. If you know of a way please comment!!!
Music would be my next missed thing. Burning your music to CD's could be worth it. Just to have that hard copy. MP3 players can be hooked up to speakers and hold alot of music. But I am old school I need the music in my hand.


Then we have good old fashion do it yourself music.

Beginner guitar pdf Click Here
Beginner harmonica pdf Click Here
Bangos, drums, buckets
How to make a Corn stalk fiddle and pumpkin vine flute  PDF on page 162 Click Here
How to make a Bamboo flute pdf Click Here

Kids basics to stock pile and some with what you have ideas
Crayons, paper, markers glue, chalk and lots of books! for little kids.

Older kids
Bat and ball, kick ball, volley ball, some rackets and a birdy, board games never grow old. You can teach them to fish and carve toys for the younger kids or knit and crochet. And again more books. Simple crafting with what is around is also a great thing to spark creativity. Scavenger hunts are fun for everyone. Darts and archery contest.

Make wooden hula hoops Click here 

Make walking stilts pdf (wooden ones Click Here) ( more hi-tech ones Click Here) 
These are fun but also useful in fruit harvesting and building in place of a ladder.Also good for fishing and net casting.

Make clay dolls and figures, checker pieces, bowls ect! Click Here for my last post about making clay.


  • a simple deck of cards and puzzles (you can get these at the dollar store).
  • Horse shoes, bocce balls or crochet
  • Dessert mixes are a must. These will not things you will be able to get for a while till trade picks up.
  • Things like Brownies and Coco and candy.
  • A simple journal is just a good thing for all to have.

***COOL PDF***
Last but not least I found this pdf Fun with ropes and spears (OLD BOOK!!) Kind of funny. But in it, it has fun stuff for scouts to do...but many of the stuff in it is really great survival stuff...
Click Here to check it out!
    And the song for this post is going to be one that totally makes me think of playing....yes I AM A CHEEZE BALL!!! 

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