Apr 11, 2015

Got Seeds????

Seed banks are an absolute must have. 

We know something is going to happen sooner or later. As Preppers, we know that the government is stocking up on canned foods. They even told people to start stockpiling food at one point. Food prices are creeping up faster than paychecks. And between reports of droughts and other weather issues our food supply is being effected greatly. We see soup kitchens and food pantry's seeing more and more average family’s needing help. At some point this is going to hit hard and having a seed bank in your survival stockpile  is becoming more and more of a must have.
I will not even go into the whole GMO issue with farm grown products. But the one thing you should know is when you harvest seeds from your own garden,  and those seeds came from a GMO plant, they will most likely will not be  productive.  They are made that way. They are made so you have to go buy more seeds.
Now I know many people have limited planting space. But do not let the keep you from getting the seeds. You can get really creative with how to make the most of you space.

Never buy seeds in paper. They will not last. When I first started prepping I ran to the store and did just that.  Put them in Mylar bags and  sealed them up. But these will not last.  Second the seeds you get at most stores are hybrid and or gmo seeds.  You really need to spend a little to get decent seeds for saving. 

You want seeds that are packed and put in waterproof packaging.  The seeds I packed away I still have but the germination rate...will be low  after time.

 If something ever happens you want to have (if possible) non GMO, non hybrid, and preferably heirloom seeds. Packaged right. 

As you are living off your stockpiled food your garden can be growing....(if you do not have a garden already). This will make your supply last a lot longer. 
But also remember that depending on what hit the fan...you may be stuck hunkering down and the garden will have to wait........But this is why I have several different banks stored. 

  • I have seeds that can be planted in container gardens,
  • I have seeds that I can grow in the woods near me were know one hopefully will find them
  • and I have seeds for when things get safe to start a great garden that should be able to feed more than just the people I plan to hunker down with,  
I have to remind people of the time frame of all of this. It could be a year or two before you can plant a garden....and the time it takes before you can harvest your first crop. So make sure you have a good size stockpile just in case...the garden has to wait. Never count your chickens as they say. 

and remember to rotate and keep and eye on the date of these seeds. of your seeds. The post I posted below stay good for 10 to 25 years. But you may want to crab a new one every few years Just in case. I like the seeds I have for my regular garden so I actually have gotten these a few times.

A few Basic Gardening PDF's 
If you are not a gardener. or you have little experience with it I suggest printing a few of these out or saving them to a thumb drive and keeping them with you seeds. 
  • PDF on  Roof Top gardens Click Here  We have a bunch of this in my city....it has some great ideas in for potable gardens. And small pouch gardens maybe in indoor ones (if times call for it)
  • PDF on Hydropoic garden.Click Here  In hard times you can get creative if you can not find the stuff...But this is a basic set up
EDIT: I am adding this because someone one that does not like seed vaults brought up some good points. Something else to add to you seed stock is beans (click here for my post on beans). You can try to package them to last longer. I am not sure on how long they will last so I would rotate them every year And also take a look at my plant with protein post for more ideas.

These are the ones I get. the price is good. the product is good. And they are non GMO, non hybrid and they are heirloom. But always shop around and find what makes you feel good. But I promise I am the queen of deals. And this is the best deal. I planted some last year and I planted some I got at the store...these grew with less care and water!  I plan on planting them this year again.
 $21.95 this is the best deal lasts a decade in a cool place in a freezer 25 years. And they are from the USA!

Organic Heirloom Seeds Non-Gmo Non-hybrid 2015

Songs for this post is  In an Octopussy's Garden - Ringo

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