Apr 12, 2015

Totally Digging

Totally digging is my way of saying thanks for linking back to my page.

So today's totally digging goes out to.....

 (And show some love and click on an ad or two on their sites.)

If I missed your link send me a message on FB and I will get ya next week. 

Remember people when you view a website and like or use some of the info...do a common thank you click on one of their ads. I always do!



  • Prepper Website Click Here  Even back when I first started Todd has had this little blogs back. 

  • American Prepper for sharing some of  my movies on  Twitter. It takes a lot of work to find a movie a day. And it is nice to a get a share every so often. And get some views out of it.  So an extra big Thank You!! Click Here I was about to give up on it because it is takes so much time..but I am going to hang on a bit longer.

  • Prepper chick Click Here  This one is funny, I had people visiting one of my herb pages but I for the life of me could not figure out who shared it. And I came across it a week later. It made me smile. Thank you Prepper Chick! The mystery is solved.

  • And Prepknowledge has stood by me Thank You Click Here   

  • Wolfe just rocks it...thanks for the shares! Clicks Here 

  • I actually have been really digging Holly's Site All About Preppers So thanks for the share You sent some peeps my way. But I am also a fan of your site. Click Here

And also many thanks to the people that share my link

And thanks to all the peeps on FB, Pinterest, and twitter I love ya all!!!!!!!! 

OK to I am getting mushy....I remember my mom singing this when I was a kid so it is going to be the song for this weeks post. Barbra Streisand - People


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